2 Victoria Avenue in Perth

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This low rise office building is not only beautifully designed, but also has amazing green credentials. Finished 2009, the building was developed and is managed by Stockland Commercial Property. The inside is modern, sleek and comfortable. While the outside  provides stunning views of the river and urban setting. Woodhead Architects were tasked with the design responsibilities. The brief required them “to provide an inspired fit out that was safe, environmentally responsible, technologically enabled, optimistic and engaging.”

2 Victoria Avenue has achieved a 5 Star energy rating from the National Australian Built Environment Rating System, and as mentioned above this was something fundamental to the design. Several innovative measures were introduced to minimise the carbon footprint, including an active chilled beam system for air-conditioning and a grey water system to reduce water demand.

The building measures at  7,200m2 across four stories, and also has three wind turbines on the roof which help offset energy consumption.

[Pictures via Woodhead Architects]

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