West End office space has recently regained its title as the most expensive office space in the world. We recently reported that the West End was kicked off the top stop by Tokyo, but according to property agents Knight Frank West End office space in London rose by around 31% in recent times – meaning that by the end of 2010 each square foot of office space in the West End of London cost around £85. Furthermore, according to many analysts the recovery of the financial markets coupled with renewed demand by media companies such as Google and Apple has meant that West End Office spaces are  now nearer the £90 a square foot price, thereby making them the most expensive in the world on average.

It’s because of high prices such as this that many start-ups, entrepreneurs and even established businesses turn to virtual office solutions. For many such solutions offer the convenience of working wherever you want, but also  the prestige and associated benefits of having a presence in central London without having to pay the huge costs mentioned above. If you are interested in Virtual Office solutions in Central London please click here to see some of the great options eOffice has to offer.

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