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Google has developed a reputation for being able to merge both technology and creativity seamlessly, with many putting their meteoric success partly down to the ability and desire to do so.  Perhaps one of the main ways Google showcases this synergy is through the design of their offices. Google offices are world renowned for being some of the most fun and well-designed offices in the world – and they’ve just done it again! We’ve covered many Google offices over the years, but their Russian offices are the latest edition to the roster.

The Russian Google office was designed by the Swiss design firm Camenzind Evolution. As you can see in the pictures the style is a mixture of so called “geek chic” and techy futurism.  We think the Decoist hit the nail on the head when they said:

Google’s Russian offices are nothing less of creative. They inspire life and are meant as a way to escape from your daily workload. It’s definitely a place we’d love to spend our 9-to-5 life at.


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