NRG Energy has their HQ in downtown Houston, in 2009 NRG a New-Jersey based power company acquired Reliant Energy which in turn was Texas based. The acquisition meant that 165 NRG employees needed to join the 1,200 strong Reliant workforce in Houston.  The office space was therefore designed by Kirksey  to help ease the organisational challenges which such a merger involves. Kirksey also wanted to increase collaboration between the various new co-workers, while at the same time “leverage the unique retail location for their PR efforts”. The office occupies 11 floors and is sized at  262,000 square foot.

The new facility contains no private offices and uses a single standard for all workspaces. Employees sit at identical benching-type workstations, which was the standard at NRG’s corporate headquarters in New Jersey. This creates a collaborative, flexible work environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and information between employees.


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