Replay Barcelona – Vertical Garden

Design  /   /  By eOffice

This busy jungle  of vegetation adorns the windows of the fashion company Replay’s Barcelona boutique located at Passeig de Gràcia.  This quite spectacular scene was created by the Landscape architects Vertical Garden Design and measures at just above 100 meters squared. In the storefront location, the two storey wall is set in a dramatic and playful environment with waterfalls, sculptures and contrasting materials.

As a great place to study nature’s own vertical gardens, the waterfalls were a natural starting point for the plant design. Looking closer to the environment around a waterfall, growing conditions change with linear patterns of fissures and cracks in the underlying exposed rock, or the rapidly decreasing moisture already small steps away from the immediate vicinity of the falling water. In such a manner, like the erratic and geometric cracking of an eroding rock, groups and strings of plants were laid out in an organic pattern.

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