Jive Software New HQ – An Interview With Design Principles


In our quest for the next innovative office design we came across the inspiring new office of Jive Software in Reading, UK , created and executed by Office Principles.

Jive Software is a leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solution for business. As any tech company their new office was bound to follow all new trends in terms of technology, innovation as well as high-quality and at the same time interactive workplace design.

Jive Software was looking to create a stunning new HQ in the UK. As a leading company specialising in social platforms for business communication and collaboration, they needed a workspace that would inspire and motivate their employees. Becki Chester, Design Principles


Office Principles produced an outstanding design for the 12,000 sq ft of new office space in Thames Valley Park, Reading. When you first enter Jive Software, you step into the “Experience Zone”, an environment where Jive can demonstrate their enthusiasm for their products.


Elaborating further on the project, Becki Chester from Design Principles shares for the eOffice blog:

eOffice: What is your favorite feature of the design?

BC: We sought to reflect Jive Software’s quirkiness and spirit as we conjured up an area that staff and visitors will remember and want to keep coming back to. We blended the natural warmth of wood and the human element of images of persons to give a close “Jive” family relationship to a corporate space.​

We even created the iconic “Think Tank Bubble Counter” to keep those new “Jiverous” ideas rolling! Definitely my favourite feature of the office design.



eOffice: What in your opinion are the key features of the contemporary workplace?

BC: With all the different generations in the workplace now, I think the key aspect of the modern workplace is for it to be an agile workplace to keep all employees engaged and happy.






An inspiring interview with dotKa – the creatives behind B.Lays new office in Bucharest, Romania


dotKa is a small interior design practice based in Bucharest, Romania. The company is fueled by the professional partnership between interior designer Dana Kallo and architect Alexandra Barbu. In this formula they focus mainly on small residential projects, but they also welcome a new challenge anytime.

Their newest office design challenge was the type of project that motivated them to work faster and better in a shorter period of time and within a limited budget. The office space is spread over 2 floors, located in a new building with contemporary architecture and features. It has a nice interior open space and some very pleasant areas that are filled with natural light from the tall glass wall.


B.sorted is the Center of Excellence for the software license management services provided by the Dutch company B.Lay . Their business philosophy is developed around the quality of people they work with, while the new offices in Bucharest are a proof of their appreciation and value for their young hardworking employees.

Exclusive for  eOffice, the dotKa creatives – interior designer Dana Kallo and architect Alexandra Barbu share their inspiration, techniques and the concept they applied to the artistic office design.


eOffice: What was the inspiration behind the design and architecture of the project?

DK&AB: Our client’s brief was clear: inspired by offices like Google & Facebook, they added a secret ingredient: no employee has its own desk; everybody should be able to work anywhere, depending on the task they’re having. Taking into consideration the natural light and acoustics of the space, we decided upon a layout with single desks and a teamwork space on the first floor and conference spaces close to the cafeteria on the lower floor. The colors and light follow the bi-level open-plan space and provide both a homey and a social hub feeling.

Behind the project are two key elements: a very tight budget and a short implementation time. The concept design took about 2 weeks and the work on site had a time frame of 2 months. Keeping in mind these aspects we proposed a concept of Mix & Match. This idea can be found in all the different types of furniture, finishes, lighting, and even special planning. We feel this approach improved the supplying and managing process behind the project as well as the proposed interior atmosphere.


eOffice: What is your favorite feature of the design?

DK&AB: In terms of working and focusing, we provided a different range of spaces: a long bench with coffee-shop tables, custom-made desks with task chairs, high-desks facing the large windows, a concave couch and even a divan bed, the amphitheater or the out-door bar; but what we really like is the quiet-rooms “cube”. Although a bit of a challenge to provide 4 quiet-rooms in an open-space layout with a foosball table, we managed to accomplish this by building a highly insulated cube divided in 4 pods with an area less than 2 square meters each. We addressed the claustrophobic feeling by placing a large mirror on the ceiling and we made it as natural as possible with carpeting both the floor and the walls and placing a large photo-wallpaper on the front wall with an urban or rural image.

All in all, we are happy when we hear from the young people that work here: ‘At night, we just do not want to go home!” and we believe that our mission was accomplished.

Also, right after moving-in in the new space, Friday night became movie-night. The stairs/amphitheater comes alive when employees use the roll-out screen from under the large net to project a movie.



eOffice: What, in your opinion, are the key aspects essential for the modern workplace?

DK&AB: A contemporary workplace should be ergonomically designed, should benefit of natural light as much as possible and should be able to provide some sort of relaxing time. Considering that no-one is hiring robots and that we spend most of the day-time at work, any workplace should be thought as multi-functional: a nice space for a short coffee-break, comfortable spaces to think and work, a small space to burn out steam (depending on the company’s philosophy it can range from a hammock to a basketball court) and maybe an out-door space for working. No one can assume anymore that a person can be efficient 8 hours a day, so, a modern workspace should actually tackle this issue and be flexible and joyful. We do not believe in cubicles and grey offices; we do believe in adapting the design, layout and furniture to the people, not the other way around.


eOffice: How do you envision the office of the future?

DK&AB: With the continuing development of electronics and gadgets, we think the typical desk will eventually become obsolete; not extinct, but rare. Most people, already, can and do work from their laptop or their iPad or even their phone, when travelling. Although the desk and the task chairs will continue to provide a space for concentration, we believe that, more and more, people will search for comfortable spaces to work in: like a cozy sofa or a bistro-table where one can have a coffee while being on a Skype-call.

For more information visit the dotKa site on : www.dotka.ro

Photos by Cosmin Dragomir.





Welcome To The Fold and Their Creative New Office


A refurbished 1980s office block in Clerkenwell, London is home to the creative and brand new office facilities of advertising agency Ford 7. The space is entirely reconfigured with a sinked in seating area into a pale wooden floor, which acts as a focal point of the split level office architecture.

The space features homely furnishings, adding comfort and softness to the interior, and the artistic neon wall messages display the company’s signature cheeky quotes.


Quoted by Dezeen Magazine, Paul Crofts Studio, the interior design agency behind the project, shared about the key features of the design:

The key drivers were that we would make the place feel inviting, keeping in tune with their strap-line ‘welcome to the fold’, which was was translated as welcome to my home. Crofts told Dezeen


Above the sinked in sitting area one can be surprised to see suspended sculptures from the ceiling, which add an alternative and quite creative flair to the space. These human scale figures, holding onto umbrellas are the work of Czech artist Mitchal Trpak, who was commissioned by Fold 7 to add to their new office space an art statement that communicates the brand’s work practice of creative thinking.




Picture reference: Dezeen Magazine

Mar 2015
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Take a Tour at Spotify’s Impressive Headquarters in NYC


Designed by its own team, Spotify’s headquarters in New York City showcase the company’s culture and young spirit of the team.   The colourful décor follows the bi-level open plan space, fitted with transparent, glass wall meeting rooms. This enables the flow of natural sunlight, which spills through the large windows of the space.


Spotify, a music streaming startup, which launched 7 years ago has now reached 60M active users, out of which 15M are paid subscribers. The platform reach has experienced exponential growth and is currently one of the top music streaming portals.


And what is a NYC startup office without a rooftop terrace? Spotify’s impressive headquarters in New York also benefit from a full floor terrace on the last floor furnished with sun loungers, table tennis and many other perks, allowing employees to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the iconic NY skyline.


The ample lounge area features a performance stage, equipped with music instruments for the inhouse band, which entertain the Spotify team during lunch breaks.


This office is also known for the largest install of height adjustable tables in New York, currently totalling at 397, which are positioned all on one floor. This is in compliance with the ever-growing mobile nature of work, allowing people to work from their portable devices on the move. More and more people would only require a touch down space to charge. The adjustable standing desk also has medical benefits over the negative health effects of sitting down for long hours.


Image source: Office Snapshots

Playtech’s Impressive Office in Kiev, Ukraine


Playtech, an online gaming software company just moved to their brand new and very artistic office space located in the new business centre Gulliver, Kiev, Ukraine.


Benefiting from tons of natural light, the office also impresses with panoramic views from the windows along the entire perimeter of the floor. To optimise the light, the designers of the space – Soesthetic Group, have devised glass wall meeting rooms and mostly open plan workplace.


The ample space is cleverly adopted in large common areas such as the reception and lounge spaces, to further create the notion of airy and spacious interior.   The main feature of the office is the GAME BOX, made out of perforated MDF with screens for playstation games.


To maximase the height of the space the designers have left the original concrete ceiling slabs, which gives a raw, engineering feel to the office, very much in tune with the culture and operations of the brand. The playful interior comprises of bright and stimulating colours reflecting the dynamic spirit of Playtech and its exciting team.




Images source: Retail Design Blog

Mar 2015
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FARO AVENIDA – Our Partner in Faro, Portugal


As the southernmost city in Continental Portugal, Faro benefits from almost all year round sunshine and warm temperatures. The city is the capital of the Algrave region, known for its stunning coastline. Who wouldn’t want to live and work there?


This is where our partner FARO AVENIDA comes in place. With high-quality facilities, inspiring interior, personable team and exciting community of startups, entrepreneurs and growing companies, FARO AVENIDA provides the ultimate workplace solution for locals as well as foreign residents.


The premium address of this coworking space is in popular demand with Virtual Office clients, who have the option to also use the facilities as a touch down base or in case they have business meetings.

FARO AVENIDA also benefits from fully equipped meeting rooms as well as training rooms, which can be used for different types of networking events as well as workshops and seminars. There is a stylish kitchen and lounge area as well as reception desk and 24H access.


The centre also uses myOffice – a Virtual Office application, pioneer at a worldwide level. The application is the perfect solution for professionals and companies which do not need a permanent office, but demand a strong corporate image with the support of a secretariat team, which guarantees a multilingual telephone answering, correspondence treatment, fax and messages transmission.


VMG Business Center – Our Stylish Partner in San Jose, Costa Rica


Our eOffice eNetwork partner VMG Business Center in San Jose, Costa Rica offers a dynamic work environment, a fusion between modern and functional, with an artistic splash of colour by the contemporary art adorning the meeting rooms and office space.


With a stable economy, Costa Rica is the fourth most competitive country in Latin America with strong advances in technology. Its macroeconomic stability attracts a range of entrepreneurs and startups forming an established community of growing companies.


VMG’s flexible terms of office and service use allow every company to use the facilities exactly for the duration and purpose that they require. VMG’s corporate, yet creative meeting rooms are ideal for business meetings, presentations or seminars as well as providing a professional image. The stylish lounge area offers the comforts to relax, brainstorm new ideas and simply engage in impromptu conversations with like-minded people. The personable and highly qualified team has hands on approach to facilitate tailored solutions for the special requirements of your business so you can fully focus on your professional growth.


Catering for a range of aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium size companies, VMG presents the best option of flexible services and office space taking into consideration whether you are growing or downsizing your business. The fully-furnished, high-quality facilities are the most cost effective option for an instant office with additional value added services and activities.


VMG’s virtual office package benefits from prestigious business location in San Jose, access to executive spaces, and administrative support with personalized calls on your company name as well as mail collection and forwarding.


Last but not least you will benefit from the all year round beautiful weather of Costa Rica, a top holiday destination famous its lovely tropical beaches and wonders of nature.



Ngoji – Our High-End eNetwork Partner in Fortaleza, Brazil

Building Front Desk

Satisfy our customers with high quality services anticipating their expectations.

This is the motto of our stylish coworking partner in Fortaleza, Brazil. Their dedication to high-quality service and commitment to always excel customers’ expectations is also reflected in the all testimonial by their current members, confirming that they truly live up to their high-set standards.

The Ngoji centre captivated me because of its friendly staff, pleasant facilities, discreet and professional environment, which is essential for a my lawyer practice. In fact, the customer service performance is one of the secrets for client satisfaction. Besides all, Ngoji´s coworking space saves me time, which is very costly to me since I manage several projects all around Brazil.  Haroldo Guimarães, Lawyer

Phone answering

With impressive interior and high-end furnishing, Ngoji adopts the concept of a “business hotel” – offering flexible personalized plans to businesses, fully adapting to their needs and professional requirements. Their premium address in Fortaleza is desired and highly beneficial for any startup requiring a Virtual Office. In addition to office space, high-tech equipped meeting and conference rooms, as well as kitchen with all amenities, Ngoji also offers a whole range of business support services in tune with the needs of every small to medium size enterprise. From secretary, consulting to logistics services, clients are offered different solutions to support their operations so they can focus on the core of their business. Members will pay only for what they use, getting rid of the large costs of maintaining a fixed physical space.

Meeting Room_A

The name of the business centre – Ngoji, is strategically chosen to reflect the philosophy of the company and their practice. Ngoji means “connection link” and exactly represents their goal to connect a diverse and multicultural range of professionals in order to establish stern business relationship to further grow and expand each business practice.

Main Hall

Through our eOffice eNetwork partnership all Ngoji members benefit from access to over 200 high-quality business office centres worldwide, to further support their international expansion.

Top Executive Office

Waiting room

Front desk  & mail boxes

The LEVEL – getting people moving in the workplace


Innovative workplace products always catch our attention! This is how we came across the LEVEL, FluidStance’s brand new product, offering a solution to long sitting hours at the office. Complying with the anti-sitting agenda of medical researchers, continuously stressing the negative effects of sitting down for long hours, LEVEL enables you to move, without distracting you from your work task.

Exclusive for eOffice, Founder Joel Heath unveils the benefits and how he came with the idea about this innovative product.

How was the idea about LEVEL born?

I went from owning my own business in Vail, Colorado where I could ski, bike or kayak 60-80 days a year to a corporate gig in California where I was at a desk for 60 hours a week.  I moved to a stand up desk and enjoyed the benefits immensely, but realized standing all day was hard too.  The body was meant to move.  Fast forward to today, I started to play with ways that you could move your body while at your desk.  I liked the concept of treadmill desks, but that seemed unrealistic.  I wanted an option that was accessible, didn’t require a plug and could be used in a variety of environments.  Lastly, we challenged our design to be worthy of a high rise office space and not a piece of equipment.  The LEVEL was born.

How and where can you use LEVEL?

The most obvious place for use is at a standup desk, but it can also be used in meetings, on calls at a traditional desk or for call centers.  It is also a great accompaniment for video games and homework.  


What are the main benefits of the LEVEL?

Your heart is increased an average of 15% over sitting and your range of motion is 20x greater than standing – similar to what you would experience walking in your lower legs.  Lastly, it is just more playful.

How do you envision the future of the office desk?

I foresee people’s time being compartmentalize with 70% of their day sitting (commuting, eating, meetings etc), 20% of their day in a state of flow on a product like FluidStance’s LEVEL where they are moving but attached to a specific place or technology and lastly 10% of the day actually moving (walking, running, biking etc).  The key to all of this is a flexible workspace that allows for moderation over the idea that focus requires being sedentary.


To support FluidStance and the development of their forward-thinking product the LEVEL check their crowdfunding campaign and choose from one of the offered perks.


Officenter – our high-quality eNetwork partner in Belgium

OCM cowork2 0038

If you are looking for an all-in-one office solution in Belgium, you will find your ideal partner in the face of the Officenter, a valued member of the eOffice eNetwork. With presence in Antwerp, Maastricht, Hasselt, Leuven and Turnhout, their modern serviced office facilities cater for an exciting mix of startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small to medium size companies.

Officenter Maastricht

The high-tech infrastructure of Officenter’s shared office environment features hordesking area, individual offices, conference and meeting rooms and full-time reception and secretary services. The all-inclusive concept of the space is purposefully designed to ease clients and offer them a package that includes everything at no extra cost for additional services.

OCM bistro 0135

Clients are also encouraged to ask for a tailor-made package so Officenter can provide the most suitable solution for the individual needs of every company. The stylish surrounding, furnished with modern, high-quality office furniture creates an inspirational and motivating environment, the ideal alternative to the solitude of working from home.

OCM eventrm  0105

The impressive coworking space also includes parking facilities, bicycle shed, catering facilities and fully equipped kitchen and lounge area. Meeting and conference rooms on an hourly basis, hotdesking packages as well as virtual office solutions are all part of the flexible benefits offered by Officenter. The venue is ideal for startups to interact, exchange ideas and develop valuable contacts and relationships from the industry.

OCM coworking 0164


OCM businessroom1 0153