BrightLane – Our Innovative Partner in Toronto, Canada


The creative environment and professional services of our eNetwork coworking partner BightLane in Toronto, Canada, is built on the pillars of connection, collaboration and innovation.   The space and services are designed with the single purpose to improve and grow the business of their expanding community of entrepreneurs and startups.


As a hub for young companies, BrighLane shares the philosophy that offering high-quality, inspiring environment that stimulates interactions and collaboration is the essence of entrepreneurial success. In their own words:

Starting a business means putting everything on the line. It is a lonely road with many surprises. Taking this journey with others, some a little ahead and those who may have stumbled, is the best path of giving your enterprise every chance for success


BrightLane has a strong focus on their community, which are not treated as clients, but rather as members, who share similar goals and strive for success. The layout of the beautifully decorated centre is strategically designed to increase the possibility of chance encounters. Whether in the community kitchen, in the terrace, or in one of BrightLane’s tailored networking events, members have the chance to socialize and engage in prompt conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs and startups.


Founded by the late Raymond Chang, BrightLane embraces his principal values and legacy in lifelong learning. Recognized for his outstanding business leadership and philanthropy initiatives, Mr Chang’s support and significant investment of personal resources have advanced education and healthcare as well as fostered entrepreneurship. His life-long focus on developing and helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations is reflected in his quote that fully encapsulates his belief:

It’s people that make any successful enterprise.


In addition to the inspiring work environment, BrightLane also offers a range of customer-centric services and perks in support of their community’s smooth path to success. From brightly lit workspaces, rooftop terrace with BBQ, 11 meeting rooms, wellness room to a range of business workshops and networking events, not to forget craft beer, this all-inclusive package is offered on very flexible terms for the convenience of the startup companies. This coworking space also partners with a range of local and international organizations, which offer exclusive deals and discount on their valuable, high-quality services.





Viola Communication’s Innovative and Conceptual Office


The interactive and utterly innovative office design of Viola Communication’s new headquarters is considered the first conceptual workplace in the media-free zone of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The traditional office set up and layout of corridors, enclosed meeting rooms and workstations is substituted with a fluid and quite informal space arrangement, where employees are encouraged to interact and collaborate.


For the architects of this innovative office design, M+N Architecture, creating and reinforcing the relationships between users was one the top priority since the first blue prints of the layout. Comprising of both open and enclosed offices, the space unites the 5 different business units of the company, connecting them with a large reception and recreational area, where all 120 employees can minge and engage in prompt conversations. The office also incorporates ample events’ space for corporate gatherings, and two video editing and voice recording studios.


The atmosphere of the space, the colours, all through the materials used in the interior design reflect Viola Communication’s company culture and philosophy. The workspace acts as a direct inspiration for the team’s creative portfolio of work and performs as a motivating platform as soon as you set your foot through the door. The main objective, briefed to the design company was to provide a flexible office space, which would drastically increase interaction amongst employees. This is why the operative area of this office space allows all 120 employees to work in the same area, but still maintain separation between the different departments, working mainly on Advertising, Public relations and Events.


The workspace has also two very defined and different sectons – one for the management and the other for the operational staff, which is clearly reflected in the style and materials used. The managerial area is sleek and modern, designed in marble and oak, creating an ambiance in natural colours. The operations area is a rainbow of bright hues with a funky and vibrant décor, where staff can interact and exchange ideas, successfully achieving a boost in creativity and productivity.





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eOffice Workplace Conference 2015, Friday, 19th June

eOffice Workplace Conference 2015 - June 19th

Nine days and counting to the exciting cluster of industry professionals and opinion makers, who will be speaking as well as joining an open panel of discussions at the eOffice Workplace Conference. Book your spot now:

The half-day event, hosted at Henry Wood House, just off Oxford Street, will gather experts within the workplace design, innovation and shared office market.

The first session will unveil insightful presentations from four influential and recognised names in the office design sector. To start, Grant Kanik and Joseph Durow, Partners, Weelerkanik will take us through their thoroughly researched topic on how workplaces need to adapt to the changing patterns of employees – “The People Focused Workplace series – We need to talk about Millennials!”

EDELMAN office - Designed by Grant Känik and Gary Wheeler

EDELMAN office – Designed by Grant Känik and Gary Wheeler

Weelerkanik is a design firm with a difference. Their creative vision allows them to tap onto the potential of every space, making it more beautiful, more efficient and more people – focused. They will be able to share best practice tips from their long-term experience within the office design history.

Google HQ London - designed by Peldon Rose

Google HQ London – designed by Peldon Rose

The design duo will be followed by Christopher Jenkins, Project Director, Peldon Rose who will take the audience on an inspirational design journey revealing how to Create ‘bump’ conversations in serviced offices. A recognised leader in exceptional office interiors, Peldon Rose has some of the most creative workplace projects as part of their long portfolio of clients. Their Alice in Wonderland or Monopoly game inspired offices in London are a point of reference for unconventional, inspiring and very much functional design, offering the “wow” factor as soon as you set your foot through the door. Not to mention their design of the Google HQ London office, winning UK Property Award 2011’s Best Office Interior London prize.

Office Space in Town - Alice in Wonderland theme - designed by Peldon Rose

Office Space in Town – Alice in Wonderland theme – designed by Peldon Rose

Next, the audience will have the pleasure to see and listen to Tim Carrigan, CEO OpenDesk about Opendesk & Openmaking – a one of a kind global network of makers and collection of office space furniture by a range of international designers. All furniture are designed for digital fabrication and can be downloaded as a digital file and made locally – on demand, anywhere in the world. You will be able to learn more about this innovative concept and how it could benefit your business as well as your local community.

Impact HUB and Greenpeace offices - designed by OpenDesk

Impact HUB and Greenpeace offices – designed by OpenDesk

After a short networking break, the insightful conference will continue with an open panel of discussions, on The Evolving Market and New Trends in the Flexible Office Industry, moderated by Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder eOffice.

eOffice coworking, Central London, UK

eOffice coworking, Central London, UK

This engaging panel will involve all the office design experts from the first session along with recognized names and founders of some of the leading commercial property and real estate management companies such as: Chris Moriarty(Lessman), Martijn Roordink (Spaces, Regus Group), Pietro Martani (Copernico Milano), Richard Leigh (DeVono), Stefan Jakubowski (The Office Group), Tim Carrigan (

Henry Wood House - The Office Group

Henry Wood House – The Office Group

The audience will be welcomed to ask questions and engage with these knowledgeable experts as well as network and exchange ideas and impressions.

Copernico coworking space, Milan, Italy

Copernico coworking space, Milan, Italy

Feeling inspired? Join us for this valuable, knowledge packed event. Book here:

eOffice International Partner Conference, 18th-19th June, 2015


What an exciting line up of key speakers, location visits, panel discussions and networking opportunities in this year’s eOffice International Partner Conference, 18th – 19th June! The insightful two-day event will gather recognised specialists and long-term experts within the workplace and office design, management and marketing, as well as key figures within the startup ecosystem.

With strategically chosen venues, ranging from historical, academic to contemporary and innovative importance, this year’s locations for presentations and visits will inspire with their provenance and forward thinking features.

On Friday morning we will be holding the eOffice Workplace Conference open to to public so don’t miss to register:

Thursday 18th June

The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn

The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn

On Thursday morning we will be welcoming our coworking and business centre partners arriving from around the world at The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn. This admirable establishment will host the first session dedicated on Innovation and Creativity in the Flexible Office Space. After a brief introduction of all partners, Carlos Goncalves, Founder and CEO, Avila Business Centre will present the intriguing topic “ From “Flying Chairs” to “Flying Workers”, while Goran Garberg, CEO United Spaces, will unveil how to bring energy to the Hybrid Workpace.

eO Holborn-57_WEB

eOffice Holborn

After lunch at eOffice Holbon the conference will move to the new academic building of London School of Economics, impressive with its trendy layout and design. The session will offer knowledge and showcase the latest trends in the Real Estate and Flexible Office Market. For this comprehensive topic we have invited key professionals such as Elaine Rossalll, Head of Research London Markets, Cushman & Wakefield and Tushar Agarwall, Co-founder Hubble.

London School of Economics

London School of Economics

After a short break and a tour of LSE facilities, the afternoon will continue with valuable insights on Marketing and Managing your Space, revealing new tools and successful strategies. This session will meet the main personnel of three forward-thinking platforms – Pedro Pinto, Senior Enterprise, Box, Tamsin, Fox-Davies, Marketing Mentor, Constant Contact and Barry Holloway, Marketing Director, Monkfeet.

Monopoly themed office

Monopoly themed office

The day will finish with a tour at the hyped Monopoly inspired office, where all details, from the wall decorations to the furniture are inspired from the renowned game. With oversized hats as a table and prison inspired meeting rooms this venue is definitely revolutionizing the set norms for an office design.

The House of St Barnabas

The House of St Barnabas

The tour will definitely spark some interesting conversations, which will be continued at the eOffice Cocktail Party in the impressive House of St Barnabas in Soho.

Friday 19th June

The morning session of the second day of the eOffice International Partner Conference will be open to the public and interested parties can book a spot directly from the EventBrite page of the event –

Henry Wood House - The Office Group

Henry Wood House – The Office Group

The morning, dedicated on Design and Innovation in the Workplace, will gather everyone at the Henry Wood House – The Office Group, just off Oxford Circus. For this session we have gathered key speakers, associated with some of the most innovative projects on the office design horizon, mapping out an essential guideline for creating unique branding and a people-focused workplace. Presenters will include Christopher Jenkins, Project Director, Peldon Rose, Grant Kanik and Joseph Durow, Partners, Wheelerkanik and Tim Carrigan, CEO, OpenDesk.

The insightful slot will be followed by a panel of discussions from leading professionals in the flexible office market to share their views on the evolution and new trends in this growing in size and importance sector.  The panel will bring together Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder, eOffice; Martijn Roordink, Marketing Director, Spaces, Regus Group; Pietro Martani, CEO, Copernico Milano; Robert Leigh, CEO and Head of Agency, DeVono; Stefan Jakubowski, Community Manager, The Office Group.

The Hospital Club

The Hospital Club

For the afternoon session the delegates will move to the Hospital Club – another venue high on the list of trendy, all in one, spaces in Central London. This will be the last part of the eOffice International Partner Conference and is strategically dedicated to the topic of Startups, Funding and Supporting Your Member Base. The list of presenters includes. Henry Freeman, Founder, CrowShed, Alexandre Covello, CEO AngelsCube, Scott Haughton, COO, Envestors and Will Brown, European Director, Gust.



Closing drinks will be held at WeWork Soho, the brand that set an investment record within the serviced office industry with $360M of funding. Their industrial chic inspired interior will be the perfect location to reflect on all the new impressions gained throughout the two information packed days.

We look forward to this insightful event!

Ginkgo – Our High-Quality Partner in Luxembourg

Building 2 LRes

With an easy transportation access in the very heart of Luxembourg, our eOffice eNetwork business centre partner – Ginkgo, offers high-quality, functional workspace on flexible basis enabling clients to simply get on with their business. With high-tech equipment and elegant design, Ginkgo’s meeting rooms provide professional image and ultimate comfort for a productive business meeting.


Ginkgo business centre also offers wide range of services in support of the diverse needs of every business. Their personalized first class service offers a concierge desk, where clients can get assistance with any inquiry. The space also features an ample terrace for an impromptu meeting or simply for some fresh air and relaxation. An additional perk of this coworking space is the included fitness facilities, making this centre in line with the latest trends in workplace design.


For the convenience of the client, Ginkgo’s rates are inclusive of dedicated telephone line, high-speed internet connection and even insurance, with no hidden extra charges for this additional services.


If you are moving your business operations in Luxembourg and you are in need of relocation services, Ginkgo can assist you with this as well. A dedicated team will take care of all your relocation requirements from the organization and logistics of your move, children schools and nurseries sign up, dealing with all administrative authorities procedures, even organizing tailor-made classes based on your needs.


These and plenty more make Ginkgo’s tailored services and professional workplace environment your best business partner to complement your daily operations and life in Luxembourg.



Creative Office Design from Russia – Interview with BRIZ Studio

odnoklassniki (7)

Here at eOffice we are always in search of the new trends in office design and how it evolves to accommodate the changing ways of work. We love to meet new, creative design companies from all over the world and our newest quest takes us to Russia and BRIZ Studio.

Founded in 2008, BRIZ Studio carries out projects for public interiors, such as offices, business centers, restaurants and shopping malls. Among their projects are Linkor business center in St. Petersburg, Faberge Museum in Shuvalovsky Palace, offices of GazpromOil, Lukoil, MegaFon and Sberbank of Russia.

In conversation with Anna Maslova, Director BRIZ and Grigory Neverov, Leading Architect BRIZ, we unveiled some of the key aspects of behind the design of the new Odnoklassniki office in St. Petersburg.

Office: What was the brief of the project?
In Odnoklassniki office, our task was to create an office where planning and overall atmosphere will create a perfect environment for effective work and communication between the employees. The space was structured to define work and communication areas. Another important goal was to use ecological materials in finishing.

odnoklassniki (11)

eOffice: What was the inspiration behind the design and architecture of the project?
Office planning is inspired with a town structure: blocs of buildings are bordering parks, business quarters are dissected with green spots. Canteen and conference hall became ‘parks’, with wide use of green plants and wood in furniture and finishing. Open space work area became a business quarter, divided into few blocs with meeting rooms, which remind of small city gardens. The wall that continues throughout the length of the open space is finished with various materials, such as bricks, wood and concrete to give an idea of different facades of the buildings.

odnoklassniki (15)

eOffice: What is your favourite feature of the design?
Odniklassniki is a social network helping to keep in touch with people you know. We played with this idea with the help of interactive panels integrated into one of the walls. Colleagues can use touchscreen panels and ‘secret’ drawers in the wall at the entrance and leave messages to each other, highlight the current status of projects, or draw attention to some important information or events inside the team, such as birthdays or trips. This playfully functional wall provides additional options for offline communication and helps to bring the team together both in work and leisure. One more important element of this space is a terrarium with the office pet, iguana.

odnoklassniki (12)

eOffice: What in your opinion are the key features?
: Key feature for us is an effective planning of the space, which corresponds to the identity and activities of the company, the space that facilitates personal contact within the work collective, creates a comfortable and welcoming environment. And, also we consider important the use of ecological finishing materials.

odnoklassniki (16)

eOffice: How do you envision the office of the future?
In the office of the future, atmosphere is more important than shapes and technologies. Office becomes a space, which is, first of all, comfortable and friendly for a person. Technical aspects like good air conditioning and lighting stay a must, but such aspects as colour palette, haptic qualities of materials, plenty of green plants, easy communication schemes and a choice of places to work on the tasks also play a very important role.

 odnoklassniki (18)


AngelsCube Selected Startups Pitching Day at eOffice


With yet another week of pitching to AngelsCube screening committee at eOffice Holborn, we can’t help but get more and more impressed with the level of innovation, perseverance and ambition we see in every entrepreneur. The diversity and uniqueness of ideas as well as the proficiency of their execution is of the highest level, reminding us of earlier quote by Adam Fletcher:

Having a website or an app does not make you a startup, owning a leather jacket does not make you Batman

And certainly these startups live up to the highest of expectations. Here are some of the the interesting ideas presented to AngelsCube Screening Committee:

Traces – Beau Lotto

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.43.44

Neuroscientist Dr Beau Lotto presented his immersive messaging app Traces, which lets people leave messages for each other in real-world locations.

Using augmented reality and GPS as well as peer-to-peer messaging, the app enables users to leave ‘traces’ in any location and spot of their choice. They can leave any type of content- from pictures to videos and music – all in the real world for friends to discover.

The idea behind the app was inspired by Lotto’s research as a neuroscientist into human perception and the conclusion that people appreciate a gift way more when they have to work harder for it.   The digital age has on some level converted us to passive recipients, which Traces is trying to challenge, bring back a different, more real level of engagement with audiences in location specific ways.

eRevalue- Marbella Alma and J P Lecourt

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.44.00

eRevalue is a startup making data digestible, distilling essential knowledge for effective corporate decision making. Their mission is to enable companies in creating sustainable value by integrating competitive, regulatory and societal risks and opportunities into core business strategy.

They operate with Datamaran, which is a business intelligence system that spots new forms of regulatory and reputational risk. This is provided as SaaS to corporate users and consultancy firms.

ET Index – Sam Gill and Sabastian Hoeg

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.44.14

ET Index provides a service helping companies understand, manage and reduce carbon risk. They provide full carbon footprint analysis, mapping the company’s exposure to carbon emission and model carbon risk across different geographies and scenarios. They have currently ranked 2500 companies across 7 indexes and predict that there are roughly 15 years before we blow out all time carbon budget. ET Index is a valuable service that will help companies track and understand better their footprint for greener operations and more sustainable workplace.

Stay tuned for the next round of inspiring entrepreneurs. If you have an executive summary and investor deck please contact us on




Jive Software New HQ – An Interview With Design Principles


In our quest for the next innovative office design we came across the inspiring new office of Jive Software in Reading, UK , created and executed by Office Principles.

Jive Software is a leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solution for business. As any tech company their new office was bound to follow all new trends in terms of technology, innovation as well as high-quality and at the same time interactive workplace design.

Jive Software was looking to create a stunning new HQ in the UK. As a leading company specialising in social platforms for business communication and collaboration, they needed a workspace that would inspire and motivate their employees. Becki Chester, Design Principles


Office Principles produced an outstanding design for the 12,000 sq ft of new office space in Thames Valley Park, Reading. When you first enter Jive Software, you step into the “Experience Zone”, an environment where Jive can demonstrate their enthusiasm for their products.


Elaborating further on the project, Lee Parsons, Marketing Manager Design Principles shares for the eOffice blog:

eOffice: What is your favorite feature of the design?

LP: For me, it’s got to be the iconic ‘Think Tank Bubble Counter’. It’s a great place for spontaneous meets and for the team to come together to share ideas. We tried to create an office where there are different types of areas to suit all personality types, so we made sure that along with the ‘Think Tank’ area, we also included cosy individual work areas and more private meeting rooms.


eOffice: What in your opinion are the key features of the contemporary workplace?

LP: With all the different generations and personality types in the workplace today, I think an important aspect for any modern office design is that it is agile. The workplace must be able to support a hub of activities, as well as the different working styles of your workforce. I believe that by empowering your staff in such a way, they will be happier, more engaged and more driven to achieve the company’s goals.

eOffice: How do you envision the office of the future?

LP: As much as we all like to envision the pseudo hi-tech office of the future where holograms run rampant and there are retina scanners everywhere, I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I do however; think that the office of the future will be more down-to-earth than what we are seeing now. We will probably see more nature and greenery integrated into the office interior design. I also believe remote working from home or somewhere other than the office will become a norm, as statistics already suggests that the number of businesses getting on board with remote working is rapidly on the rise. ​






An inspiring interview with dotKa – the creatives behind B.Lays new office in Bucharest, Romania

dotKa is a small interior design practice based in Bucharest, Romania. The company is fueled by the professional partnership between interior designer Dana Kallo and architect Alexandra Barbu. In this formula they focus mainly on small residential projects, but they also welcome a new challenge anytime.

Their newest office design challenge was the type of project that motivated them to work faster and better in a shorter period of time and within a limited budget. The office space is spread over 2 floors, located in a new building with contemporary architecture and features. It has a nice interior open space and some very pleasant areas that are filled with natural light from the tall glass wall.

B.sorted is the Center of Excellence for the software license management services provided by the Dutch company B.Lay . Their business philosophy is developed around the quality of people they work with, while the new offices in Bucharest are a proof of their appreciation and value for their young hardworking employees.

Exclusive for  eOffice, the dotKa creatives – interior designer Dana Kallo and architect Alexandra Barbu share their inspiration, techniques and the concept they applied to the artistic office design.

eOffice: What was the inspiration behind the design and architecture of the project?

DK&AB: Our client’s brief was clear: inspired by offices like Google & Facebook, they added a secret ingredient: no employee has its own desk; everybody should be able to work anywhere, depending on the task they’re having. Taking into consideration the natural light and acoustics of the space, we decided upon a layout with single desks and a teamwork space on the first floor and conference spaces close to the cafeteria on the lower floor. The colors and light follow the bi-level open-plan space and provide both a homey and a social hub feeling.

Behind the project are two key elements: a very tight budget and a short implementation time. The concept design took about 2 weeks and the work on site had a time frame of 2 months. Keeping in mind these aspects we proposed a concept of Mix & Match. This idea can be found in all the different types of furniture, finishes, lighting, and even special planning. We feel this approach improved the supplying and managing process behind the project as well as the proposed interior atmosphere.

eOffice: What is your favorite feature of the design?

DK&AB: In terms of working and focusing, we provided a different range of spaces: a long bench with coffee-shop tables, custom-made desks with task chairs, high-desks facing the large windows, a concave couch and even a divan bed, the amphitheater or the out-door bar; but what we really like is the quiet-rooms “cube”. Although a bit of a challenge to provide 4 quiet-rooms in an open-space layout with a foosball table, we managed to accomplish this by building a highly insulated cube divided in 4 pods with an area less than 2 square meters each. We addressed the claustrophobic feeling by placing a large mirror on the ceiling and we made it as natural as possible with carpeting both the floor and the walls and placing a large photo-wallpaper on the front wall with an urban or rural image.

All in all, we are happy when we hear from the young people that work here: ‘At night, we just do not want to go home!” and we believe that our mission was accomplished.

Also, right after moving-in in the new space, Friday night became movie-night. The stairs/amphitheater comes alive when employees use the roll-out screen from under the large net to project a movie.

eOffice: What, in your opinion, are the key aspects essential for the modern workplace?

DK&AB: A contemporary workplace should be ergonomically designed, should benefit of natural light as much as possible and should be able to provide some sort of relaxing time. Considering that no-one is hiring robots and that we spend most of the day-time at work, any workplace should be thought as multi-functional: a nice space for a short coffee-break, comfortable spaces to think and work, a small space to burn out steam (depending on the company’s philosophy it can range from a hammock to a basketball court) and maybe an out-door space for working. No one can assume anymore that a person can be efficient 8 hours a day, so, a modern workspace should actually tackle this issue and be flexible and joyful. We do not believe in cubicles and grey offices; we do believe in adapting the design, layout and furniture to the people, not the other way around.

eOffice: How do you envision the office of the future?

DK&AB: With the continuing development of electronics and gadgets, we think the typical desk will eventually become obsolete; not extinct, but rare. Most people, already, can and do work from their laptop or their iPad or even their phone, when travelling. Although the desk and the task chairs will continue to provide a space for concentration, we believe that, more and more, people will search for comfortable spaces to work in: like a cozy sofa or a bistro-table where one can have a coffee while being on a Skype-call.

For more information visit the dotKa site on :

Photos by Cosmin Dragomir.


Welcome To The Fold and Their Creative New Office


A refurbished 1980s office block in Clerkenwell, London is home to the creative and brand new office facilities of advertising agency Ford 7. The space is entirely reconfigured with a sinked in seating area into a pale wooden floor, which acts as a focal point of the split level office architecture.

The space features homely furnishings, adding comfort and softness to the interior, and the artistic neon wall messages display the company’s signature cheeky quotes.


Quoted by Dezeen Magazine, Paul Crofts Studio, the interior design agency behind the project, shared about the key features of the design:

The key drivers were that we would make the place feel inviting, keeping in tune with their strap-line ‘welcome to the fold’, which was was translated as welcome to my home. Crofts told Dezeen


Above the sinked in sitting area one can be surprised to see suspended sculptures from the ceiling, which add an alternative and quite creative flair to the space. These human scale figures, holding onto umbrellas are the work of Czech artist Mitchal Trpak, who was commissioned by Fold 7 to add to their new office space an art statement that communicates the brand’s work practice of creative thinking.




Picture reference: Dezeen Magazine

Mar 2015
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