Airbnb’s innovative HQ in San Francisco


Airbnb – the startup that redefined the tourism industry, has positioned their vast and innovative “home” in the buzzing city of San Francisco. Welcomed by an impressive five-storey atrium, visors are instantly surrounded by views of different homes from around the world. The aim behind it, was to create the most popular listings on the website into actual meeting spaces and communal areas, infusing the space with the Airbnb’s identity and culture.


With a Danish houseboat as a reception, movie inspired boardroom, break room after Airbnb kitchen in Reykjavick and Paris-listing themed conference room, the informal set up of the office space aims to boost employee creativity and stimulate impromptu meetings. The innovative interior design makes every corner of the space unique, transmitting different feel and ambiance. The unconventional meeting rooms act as an inspirational setting for brainstorming and planning.


Airbnb’s headquarters are also following all guidelines for sustainability, important to the company’s ethos. The venue also holds a large dining hall “Ate Ate Ate” where wide family style meals are a must.





Uber’s Impressive San Francisco HQ


Rapidly expanding to over 100 cities worldwide in 45 countries, Uber is definitely gaining momentum with its successful ride-sharing app. As a partner of eOffice we are glad to see Uber taking over the world, one city at a time. And their sophisticated headquarters certainly evokes the speedy progress of this startup.


Uber’s brand new 90,000 square feet office, in a former Bank of America data centre, showcases the company’s culture and ethos. Stylish, sophisticated and high-tech, the interior design transmits the company’s image, as director of design Denise Cherry confirms:

The band is sexy and mysterious on the outside, but totally transparent on the inside.


This concept is solidified with the strategic use of materials and constructions.   The high-tech interior of the space is equipped with touch screen walls, interactive panels and digital maps displaying all locations with Uber presence.


The vision of the brand and its values are infused in every corner of the space, creating an inspirational work environment and certainly an impressive venue for welcoming clients and partners. With over 700 employees the unique facilities offer a glamorous open plan space with plenty of meeting and conference rooms as well as lounge spaces for impromptu meetings.


Prior the final design plan, employees were interviewed regarding their needs and preferences in terms of work. The majority pointed out that they loved to work in a coffee bar so the design company O+A took on board their request and facilitated a stylish coffee bar area. All in tune with today’s flexible and diverse patterns of work.




Chartboost’s New, Creative Headquarters in San Francisco


As the largest games technology platform, Chartboost’s new headquarters in San Francisco showcase the company’s energy and focus on fun. The bright colours infusing the whole space are only limited to the four brand colours of red, green, blue and orange.


Founded in 2011, Chartboost has currently reached 300 million users a month in over 150 countries. This games-only technology platform also acts as a social network for game developers to connect with potential players and gain more exposure for their games. In total, this startup has raised $21M in funding and is now the world’s largest games technology platform.


All conference and meeting rooms in their impressive office are themed with motifs from classic games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Tetris and Legend of Zelda. The whole office space makes everyone instantly imagine they are inside the world of a game, which acts as an inspiration to employees and definitely brings the wow factory with visiting clients.


The flexibility and open plan aspect of the space allows people to work from any spot in the office. Having impromptu meetings on a hammock or sinked in one of the beanbags reinforces the informal and playful feel of the interior design. Wall art, installations and themed wallpapers complement the unique set of this work environment, branding every corner of the space.


Not only the office space looks like a game, but it also has a dedicated game room with ball pit and giant Lego wall. 3D sculptures and playful textures add an extra jolt of energy to this unique Chartboost headquarters in San Francisco.




AppNexus Innovative Headquarters in New York City

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The online ad startup AppNexus is definitely getting a lot of buzz lately for successfully raising $57 million in funding as well as for its impressive headquarters in New York City.

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Spread over 2 floors and 67,000 square-foot-space, the playful interiors and design of the space comprises of a lot of meeting rooms and informal spots for impromptu creative meetings. The fact that people don’t necessarily work at their desk is one of the main elements taken on board by Agatha Habjan – the interior designer of AppNexus office workplace.

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The space features the signature for the company orange and black colours. One of the unique elements is a vertical break out area with vinyl upholstered seating pods, which are used for relaxation as well as for work. This innovative structure reinforces the informal work setting, stimulating creativity and inspiration amongst employees.

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The open plan workspace also has its own “selfie” walk of fame – where employees are encouraged to post selfies on a corkboard, a fun way to get to know the ever-growing team.

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Custom-painted skateboards cover one of the walls, making an artistic statement as well as being reminiscent of the company’s promotional campaigns.

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There is large café area with wool covered foam-padded benches for comfort and definitely for aesthetics. Oh, and did we mention the mini basketball court? Yes, there is a basketball court in response to the employees’ big affiliation with the sport.

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Definitely a fun office to work from!

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Dec 2014
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Thankful to All Our Team, Members and Partners for a Fantastic 2014

We would like to express our gratitude to our team, our loyal members and our special partners for contributing to a dynamic and highly successful 2014.  We are pleased to share some of our highlights of 2014 and we hope we continue our growth throughout the coming year.


Four eOffice centres in Central London

We are closing the year with a new beautiful space in central London – making the eOffice brand in the UK expand to a total of four high-quality coworking business centres.

eNetwork expansion to over 210 locations worldwide

Flags 2
We connected to even more prestigious business centres and coworking spaces around the world expanding our exclusive network from 140 in the beginning of the year to over 210 at present, making the eNetwork one of the largest of this type worldwide.

eOffice first eNetwork Global Conference

We were also very pleased with the success of our first ever eOffice eNetwork Conference held in London in June, attended by over 50 of our international partners. The insightful presentations, discussions, network and location visits to Google Campus, Mozilla Spaces, Dolby, British Library and RIBA enriched our vision for the future of the workplace as well as meeting inspiring professionals from our industry.

The eOffice team got bigger

eOffice team
The eOffice team expanded and we are happy to add new skills and professional experience to always ensure high level of services and the best possible experience for our members and clients.

New strategic partners

Partners eOffice
We established partnerships with specially selected brands, whose innovative business module and company values comply with our philosophy. Uber, TransferWise, the Global Hotel Alliance, Rackspace, ZipCar, Crunch – just a few of our valued partners, with whom we explore new avenues for collaboration and support to mutually grow and expand.

Many new exciting membersBreak out area 5th floor

Last, but not least, we acquired many new exciting members with innovative business, making the eOffice environment an inspiring place to work from. We are pleased to support and witness the growth of so many startups, expanding to recognized leaders in their field such as Qubit, The App Business, Quill Content, OMG Plc, Duedil, Super Awesome, Moni, Brainient, TV Beat, Bluffers, Silobreaker and Tapad to name a few.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible for us and we look forward to an equally prosperous 2015!

Whole Foods Market Headquarters in California


The premium, healthy food chain store, Whole Foods, impresses yet again with their brand new office facilities in California, spread over two floors of ample open-plan workplace. The intention of the interior design was to mainly reflect the company’s ethos of close-knit “family” culture, crucial to the brand’s identity.



Another important feature of the design of the office is to nurture collaboration and interaction, vital for a creative workflow and idea generation.   There are workstations located along the windows and private offices behind glass walls, offering everyone access to daylight as well as views of the whole office.



In bright red, the open staircase between the two floors acts as a focal point of the work environment as well as stresses the collaborative spirit of the company.



The clever use of materials and the bright colours create a dynamic atmosphere serving as a creative inspiration for the employees. The wallpaper and artworks display the healthy, organic image of Whole Foods and reinforce the essence of the company’s operations and ideology.



Compass Offices – our high-quality eNetwork partner in Singapore

SG Prudential Lobby

We are please to have Compass Offices as part of the eOffice eNetwork, present with 20 high-quality locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, China and Australia. The two Business office centres in Singapore, part of our network, offer design-led interior environment providing professional services and customer support for the needs of your company.

SG Prudential kitchen

With an emerging startup scene, Singapore is on the radar for becoming the next big entrepreneur cluster, with Straits Times proclaiming Singapore the number one place in Southeast Asia for startups. In response to that trend Compass Offices offers an immediate, affordable and high-quality solutions for a temporary office space catered for startups, entrepreneurs, and small to medium size companies in need for flexible office space as well as maintaining a professional image.

SG Land Tower building

With fully fitted workspace environment, high-tech meeting, conference and video-conference facilities as well as kitchen and lounge area, equipped with all comforts and amenities, Compass Offices offer everything on convenient and professional terms. The personable front desk team have hands on approach to every request in order to support the needs of every business.

SG Land Tower Reception

One of Compass Offices locations are based in the ultra modern Prudential Tower, locate in the very heart of Raffles Place, known as Singapore’s business hub. Close to major financial, banking and government offices as well as Singapore Stock Exchange, the centre has great transport links with easy access from Changi Airport. Raffles Place is also abundant in stylish malls, hotels and restaurants, ticking all criteria boxes for the perfect location to position your growing business. Within the centre you can benefit from spacious offices with stunning views over Singapore, advanced building security, executive lounge, large welcoming reception area and state of the art meeting room facilities as well as virtual office with prestigious address.

SG Land Tower kitchen

The second eNetwork location of Compass Offices is in Singapore Land Tower – also located in the buzzing Raffles Place offering a premium address for your business. It comes with the same set of professional services and contemporary interior design as Prudential Tower together with an award winning team.

SG Land Tower Video conference

Our Design-Led Office Neighbour in Soho, London


When you think of a cloud solutions provider you would not imagine a design-led office environment with contemporary artworks and installations, bright colours, designer furniture and state of the art facilities.


Our new neighbour in the buzzing area of Soho is and their brand new office space designed by Areq Sq, completed just now. This high-tech workplace comprises an ultra trendy interior look, offering a creative and stimulating environment for the staff of the cloud solutions provider. Equipped with an ideas table, stand-up design desks and meeting rooms with transparent writing walls, complement the dynamic set up of the office space – giving the feel of an imaginative and inventive work process.

contemporary-office-design-space-london-adelto-05 has grown from a UK startup to a recognized technology company with global operations across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Positioned on the same street as eOffice – Broadwick Street, Soho, the office instantly impresses every customer that sets foot in its remarkable premises. And this was exactly one of the objectives when designing the space – to be able to showcase and instantly grasp the brand values and ethos when walking around the workspace.


The layout is purposefully designed to encourage spontaneous, informal meetings and brainstorming, resulting in the ideas, driving the company forward. Behind bright pink transparent partitions, there is the so-called ideas table, where you can see people sitting for impromptu meetings as well as working from their mobile devices – reinstating the mobile future of working.


As expected from a cloud solution provider, the workplace is equipped with the latest in technology. It also features its own Software Design lab, deliberately furnished with standing furniture and write-on walls to encourage more dynamic and interactive meetings.   The concept of collaboration and engagement is infused in every design decision in this office space as well as serving as an inspirational work environment to turn up to every morning of the week.



Link2U – our eOffice eNetwork Partner in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Link2u View Avenue Paulista

Located in the cosmopolitan city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, our eOffice, eNetwork partner Link2U offers a stylish coworking environment, with open plan space bringing together professionals from different business sectors. They are firm believers in the concept of sharing an office space as an opportunity for sharing experience, knowledge and skills as well as creating potential valuable partnerships. And Sao Paolo might be one of the best cities to flourish such a concept.


As the 10th richest city in the world, Sao Paolo is the biggest financial centre in the world. With large number of foreign corporations the city is thriving with opportunities for emerging companies and entrepreneurs who want to have a strategic positioning in the South American continent. The fast pace growth of the Brazilian economy saw the emergence of non-traditional methods of the work culture, one being the coworking concept. Now more and more people turn to those interactive venues as a preferred environment to set their business practice and start growing.

Link2u-Coworking- Meeting Room II(1)

Link2U offers fully serviced office environment available on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis. The space is ideal for entrepreneurs, small to medium size companies, and freelancers looking for a vibrant environment with like-minded professionals. The venue is accessible 24/7 and fully equipped with kitchen amenities as well as a lounge area for relaxation or informal meetings with incredible views of Av. Paulista. The meeting room is well appointed with all necessities for a business meeting, offering you the professional image you require.

Link2u-Coworking- Meeting Room(1)

The building of Link2U office is strategically located on Av. Paulista – the most famous address in the city of Sao Paulo. With great transportation links, the building also has parking facilities inside as well as availability in front of the centre.


The personable customer care team has hands on approach, helping members inquire the perfect plan for exactly what they need on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Whether you need a full-time office or just hotdesking the flexible terms offered by Link2U are the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, freelancers or growing companies whose needs vary according to their business growth and work engagement.




eOfis – our eNetwork partner in Istanbul, Turkey

eOfis kitchen area Istanbul, Turkey - eOffice eNetwork

Part of the eOffice eNetwork, our established partner in Istanbul – eOfis, offers modern, fully furnished office spaces in some of the most prestigious locations of this buzzing metropolis.

eOfis Istanbul eNetwork partner

Istanbul, a capital city of three Great Empires, is now one of Turkey’s economic centres. As the most important export and import gate of the country, the city is a preferred business centre for professionals from the growing sectors of finance, tourism, services and banking.   The geographical location of Istanbul is also a favourable feature with international companies as the first four hours of the business day overlap with Asian countries and the other four with European. Istanbul’s unique location has made the city a financial centre for the entire region and has prompted a lot of entrepreneurial activities and business set up.

eOfis break area, Istanbul, Turkey - eOffice, eNetwork

In response to the growing demand of shared office facilities and the growth of small to medium size companies, eOfis offers stylish environment on flexible terms. Located in a number of prestigious addresses across Istanbul, eOfis provides a variety of services tailored for startups and entrepreneurs looking for company establishment support and practical office solutions. If your company only requires a prestigious address presence in Istanbul you can benefit from different virtual office packages to cover all your requirements.

eOfis Istanbul eNetwork

To maximize your productivity at a minimum cost, eOfis provides fully furnished modern office space, as well as having every call answered by your company name. All your mail will be collected on your behalf, and you will receive a prompt notification to your email address. High-tech, fully equipped meeting rooms can accommodated your business meeting as well as enhance your professional image.

eOfis Beybi office space - eOffice eNetwork

With 24/7 security, easy access to transportation links and personable customer care and reception team, eOfis is your best partner when looking for an office space, meeting room, virtual office or simply hotdesking on an hourly basis in Istanbul, Turkey.

eOfis Office Meeting Room, eOffice eNetwork