UP – The Trendiest Activity Tracker For a Healthier Living


UP by Jawbone is the trendiest new gadget, which you can spot on the wrists of the health cautious amongst us. The bracelet-like gadget is equipped with advanced sensors, which capture everything from your daily movement activities, to your sleep cycle and more.


The bracelet is synchronized with the monitoring UP App, providing visual charts of your daily movement, eating and sleeping. As soon as you create your account with the necessary information the app will accustom an individual scheme according to your height, weight and age and to your personal goals. Stylish and trendy, UP is the optimal path to fitness, pushing you to reach your set milestones.


Depending on your well-being needs, the bracelet will remind you with a delicate vibration in pre-set time intervals to stand up and move around.   This also complies with the anti-sitting agenda of medical researchers continuously stressing the negative effects of sitting down for long hours in the office.


To track your calories intake and have a detailed break down of its different components like carbohydrates and saturated fats, you can simply input your meal and the app will do it for you. UP comes with preinstalled information of vast range of dishes and types of foods so you can easily indicate and monitor your daily eating routine.


The eOffice team loves this new gadget. It truly helps us to track and see how healthy is our routine and what we need to do to reach our well-being goals. Isn’t that everyone’s New Year’s resolution?




Jan 2015
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Big in Japan – Dallas, Texas Office

Big In Japan is a Texas based mobile app developer. Their Dallas office space is geared towards their highly collaborative employees. The office is located in a seven story, 1.6 million sqft building that offers a wide range of rentable office space. The work environment is very open, there are no barriers between desks and glass-walled conference rooms give the space an open feel, while couches and Rock Band are ready for the employees to relax.


Jan 2012
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Livescribe Pulse Smartpen – with Apps

In the end, everything will have an app store. Take the Pulse smartpen from Livescribe, for example. The company, whose pen is quite cool (it records what you write and can “remember” things on page, allowing for paper-based calculators and control panels), has just launched an app store for its 2- and 4GB Pulse pens.

The store offers multiple games, tools, and study aids for prices that range from free to about $2. You can download apps here and then upload to your pen.

Take Video Poker, for example. To play, you select it on your pen and then draw Deal, Bet, and card shapes. You then select the cards you want to keep and tap deal. The pen will tell you if you’ve won. My favorite app, however, is the periodic table of the elements in Braille, demoed below. The amazing thing is that this application replaces a $1,000 physical device used by the blind to learn chemistry. By printing a Braille-embedded sheet at home, you can essentially learn everything there is to know about the elements using the pen and a piece of paper. Other cool apps include a classical music learning system and a clever piano.

Does a smart pen need an app store? I don’t know. However, the fact that something so small and so cool can have a rich developer community is quite impressive.


[ Article Source: CrunchGear ]

Dec 2009
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Oh Joy For O’BON Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the crinkle of crisp sheets of blank paper? A paperless office may be au courant, but the tactile pleasures of analog writing tools will never go out of style. O’BON takes the edge off any ecological guilt—which, face it, is as much fun as a paper cut—with its stash of recycled stationery, including what it hails the “world’s greatest pencil.”

Like the aromatic Smencils, these wood-free (and no-fragrance) implements are made by rolling used newspaper tightly around a graphite core, a process that the company claims better protects the lead from splintering after being dropped.

Pick your poison from good ol’ No. 2, professional art, and color pencils, which are available in myriad designs, including the striking animal prints of the Wildlife series.

If it’s between-the-sheets action you seek, O’BON’s spiral notebooks sandwich 80 pages of bagasse paper, made from leftover sugarcane pulp, between 100 percent recycled card stock. Neatniks can keep their paperwork organized with O’BON’s 100 percent recycled ring binders and folders.

Apr 2009
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Live Messenger for Facebook

The popular Live Messenger application for Facebook – embedding MSN directly into your Facebook Profile or Page – has just been re-launched for 2009, to the delight of its 400,000 strong fan-base!

The application has an impressive feature set, allowing your Facebook Friends to chat to you anytime on MSN via your Facebook Profile or Page. Widgets can be embedded on Business Pages, your main personal profile, Boxes tab or Info section.

The application homepage lets you view a real-time contact list with live status updates as well as engage in multiple, tabbed conversations and assign multiple MSN addresses to your Facebook account. The “Live Lounge” has also been introduced, an opt-in feature allowing users to meet and chat with new people from all over the world. There’s also handy access to SkyDrive (Microsoft’s free virtual hard-drive feature), Hotmail, Live Today and your MSN Profile.

Get Live Messenger for your Page

Get Live Messenger for your Profile

Facebook Pages which use the application receive free advertising within the application too. It’s a particularly useful widget for Pages, since it enhances business communication and accessibility, allowing Pages to provide live support or points of contact for their clients…

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