Kettner’s Brasserie – London Soho

Kettner’s was opened in 1867 by Auguste Kettner, the then chef to Napoleon III. Since then the venue has hosted a whole array of famous individuals ranging from Oscar Wilde, to King Edward VII.  The bar is comprised of four Georgian houses, which have recently been refurbished and remodelled to bring the venue squarely into the 21st Century.  The furnishings were entirely created by IIse Crawford of Studio IIse which is also based in London. Kettner’s, which is a stones throw away from the eOffice London location, has received great reviews. Chief among these was Time Out  when it stated – “Kettners has warmth and a sense of bonhomie that only the best brasseries possess”.

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Paramount – London

Paramount is one of London’s most exclusive venues . It is located at the summit of the Centre Point, a 1960s concrete remnant that many believe plagues the skyline in-and-around Tottenham Court Road. Though the building’s exterior leaves much to be desired, the interior of the top three floors that is Paramount have been meticulously designed by Tom Dixon. As a result, Paramount is filled with striking bars, lounges and a restaurant with a breath-taking panoramic view of London.

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Adam Street London

Adam Street is a members club with a traditional twist. It offers various facilities including a bar, restaurant, library and private hire areas. Usually when one thinks of a members club for business individuals, one thinks of cigar smoking men sitting in oak-panelled rooms. James Minter, owner of Adam Street, understands this perception and has actively acted against it. He therefore set out to create something absolutely different, a members club for business minded people which stresses contemporary design.  Completely gutting and fitting the entire location was a enormous task for Minter, but he was able to borrow heavily from the banks by using the properties as security. The renovation of Adam Street cost £750,000.

Here is their promotional video:

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