AngelsCube Selected Startups Pitching Day at eOffice


With yet another week of pitching to AngelsCube screening committee at eOffice Holborn, we can’t help but get more and more impressed with the level of innovation, perseverance and ambition we see in every entrepreneur. The diversity and uniqueness of ideas as well as the proficiency of their execution is of the highest level, reminding us of earlier quote by Adam Fletcher:

Having a website or an app does not make you a startup, owning a leather jacket does not make you Batman

And certainly these startups live up to the highest of expectations. Here are some of the the interesting ideas presented to AngelsCube Screening Committee:

Traces – Beau Lotto

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.43.44

Neuroscientist Dr Beau Lotto presented his immersive messaging app Traces, which lets people leave messages for each other in real-world locations.

Using augmented reality and GPS as well as peer-to-peer messaging, the app enables users to leave ‘traces’ in any location and spot of their choice. They can leave any type of content- from pictures to videos and music – all in the real world for friends to discover.

The idea behind the app was inspired by Lotto’s research as a neuroscientist into human perception and the conclusion that people appreciate a gift way more when they have to work harder for it.   The digital age has on some level converted us to passive recipients, which Traces is trying to challenge, bring back a different, more real level of engagement with audiences in location specific ways.

eRevalue- Marbella Alma and J P Lecourt

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.44.00

eRevalue is a startup making data digestible, distilling essential knowledge for effective corporate decision making. Their mission is to enable companies in creating sustainable value by integrating competitive, regulatory and societal risks and opportunities into core business strategy.

They operate with Datamaran, which is a business intelligence system that spots new forms of regulatory and reputational risk. This is provided as SaaS to corporate users and consultancy firms.

ET Index – Sam Gill and Sabastian Hoeg

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.44.14

ET Index provides a service helping companies understand, manage and reduce carbon risk. They provide full carbon footprint analysis, mapping the company’s exposure to carbon emission and model carbon risk across different geographies and scenarios. They have currently ranked 2500 companies across 7 indexes and predict that there are roughly 15 years before we blow out all time carbon budget. ET Index is a valuable service that will help companies track and understand better their footprint for greener operations and more sustainable workplace.

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OfficePort Co-Working Office Community


OfficePort is an open collaborative workspace for freelancers and small businesses. The aim is to provide a more flexible and affordable alternative to the traditional office.  Their mission is to establish an OfficePort in every major city, but currently they only have three locations: two in Kansas City and one in Chicago.

Each office provides entrepreneurs with an inspiring environment for innovation and productivity, while also providing an opportunity to belong to a vibrant community.

[box] If you want to find out more about office services in the United States click here.

eOffice also has a global reach, so if you want to discover other countries be sure to check out our main site. [/box]

Aug 2011
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Weboo – Amazing Web Solutions

Weboo came to eOffice this year with over 15 years of IT and web development experience behind them across all industries. Their team of specialists now use eOffice as their base, reducing their overheads and interacting with the vibrant co-working community they’ve become part of.

Weboo’s dedicated team is made up of designers, developers and user experience specialists who will help their clients defines their long and short term goals with a definite strategy.

A firm belief that a website is an extension of a business not just a bundle of images and text has built them a strong reputation over the years with a line of successful rebrands and optimised projects behind them.

Find out more about the great services they offer including hosting, design, consultancy, e-marketing, and widget / application building at their website

Jan 2010
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The eOffice Business Boost Campaign – Kickstarting your 2010

eOffice is launching the Business Boost Campaign to get you back on your feet with an upbeat and positive start to the year.

Find strength in numbers within ourstartup and SME community while we help you organise your infrastructure. You can choose from part-time or full-time office space, virtual offices and a range of meeting and conference rooms at half price or up to 3 months free of charge.

The package is supplemented by unique networking events aimed at helping you foster new opportunities in a new year.

We are running a series of co-working days to give you a chance to experience a trendy, comfortable, open plan working environment where you can:

  • Concentrate on work (away from home or the noise of a coffee shop)
  • Gain opportunities to network
  • Spark ideas
  • Gain new connections
  • Do business
  • And experience being part of the atmosphere of an office for the day!

Come and join us on one of our trial days below to get a full taste of the centre yourself and find your ideal package. Places are limited to 26 and each delegate will be allocated their own spacious desk for the day, with internet connection – so book now to avoid disappointment.

Live Messenger for Facebook

The popular Live Messenger application for Facebook – embedding MSN directly into your Facebook Profile or Page – has just been re-launched for 2009, to the delight of its 400,000 strong fan-base!

The application has an impressive feature set, allowing your Facebook Friends to chat to you anytime on MSN via your Facebook Profile or Page. Widgets can be embedded on Business Pages, your main personal profile, Boxes tab or Info section.

The application homepage lets you view a real-time contact list with live status updates as well as engage in multiple, tabbed conversations and assign multiple MSN addresses to your Facebook account. The “Live Lounge” has also been introduced, an opt-in feature allowing users to meet and chat with new people from all over the world. There’s also handy access to SkyDrive (Microsoft’s free virtual hard-drive feature), Hotmail, Live Today and your MSN Profile.

Get Live Messenger for your Page

Get Live Messenger for your Profile

Facebook Pages which use the application receive free advertising within the application too. It’s a particularly useful widget for Pages, since it enhances business communication and accessibility, allowing Pages to provide live support or points of contact for their clients…

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