Japanese Architecture – A Fabricated Dream

With all the misfortune surrounding Japan in recent times, I thought it nice to focus on the vibrancy of Japanese architecture so that we may once again see what this amazing country is capable of. This wonderful space was created by the Japanese designer Yukio Kimura and is a mixture of art gallery, used bookshop and even includes a café bar – the perfect trifecta some would say!

This great piece of Japanese architecture is located in the suburbs of Osaka. It was designed by Kimura to stand out, purposely making the building conspicuous as the client wanted the store to reflect the meaning behind the store’s name. The name, Sorayumebako, roughly translates to Dreambox.

Yukio is quoted as saying: “Sorayume” is a Japanese word meaning “a fabricated dream”, that is, a dream for telling people as if you actually dreamed it. Having this concept in mind, I designed space where visitors can feel as if they stepped into another world, like a dream”.

[Pictures via WeHeart]

Apr 2011
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