KeyWorking – Our Impressive Coworking Partner in Miami


KeyWorking, our eOffice eNetwork coworking partner in Miami, is effectively merging functionality and contemporary design, integrating unique interior features for inspirational work environment. The advantages of this coworking space start from the location, the business services on offer, through to the high quality amenities and the vibrant calendar of community events – a truly comprehensive net of benefits for startups and growing companies.


In their own words the KeyWorking team shares about the centre and its strategic location:

Few places in the world have evolved as quickly as Miami. What once began as a leisure destination has blossomed as a thriving waterfront city with artistic venues around every corner and entire neighbourhoods devoted to design, Miami is no longer New York’s sleepy sister city, but an innovative force onto its own. KeyWorking is located behind the Marina Blue Building, Miami World Centre is a 25-acre master planned community designed to offer a lively pedestrian experience with distinctive residential, retail, restaurant, entertainment, hospitality and commercial office space district.


Situated at a core location in Miami downtown, with an impressive view of the bay area, this centre not only provides a stimulating and professional workplace environment, but also premium business address for companies seeking only for a virtual office solution. Depending on the client’s preference the VO packages are designed to offer a number of days of hotdesking usage, offering maximum flexibility and fully-serviced workspace with access to conference and meeting rooms. Comprising both a coworking area as well as enclosed office solution, KeyWorking accommodates entrepreneurs and startups at any stage of their growth.


With frequent networking events as well as local benefits as part of the membership, KeyWorking provides a comprehensive package of advantages, tailored to the needs of startup companies. The artistic venue offers a stimulation work environment, whether you are having an impromptu meeting at the lounge area, having a video-conference in one of the high-tech meeting rooms or simply relishing the breathtaking views for KeyWorking’s private terrace.


A sneak peek into KeyWorking’s busy community events calendar:




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Keyworking – Miami, Florida

Keyworking is a wonderful coworking space based in Miami, Florida. They offer smart customisable services to meet all customers’ needs and aim to encourage synergy and interaction between all members. This is achieved partly through clever and inspirational design and partly through creating a highly functional space – not only is the space beautiful, it is also functional offering fully customisable desk spaces.

Neutral white colours are used throughout, giving the space an airy and bright look. This is balanced by the warmth of wooden accents and feature furnitureWe especially like the iron clad walkways into the atrium, which unfold into the beautiful view of the bay of Biscayne.

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May 2014
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Lab Office – Miami, Florida

This quirky office was created by Luis Pons Design, a firm specialising in residential and hospitality design. The firm’s core values lie in finding unique and thoughtful solutions through creative spaces.  The office makes use of ready-made inflatable objects, which infuse colour. Originally conceived as a changeable space to host both office and living areas, it is shaped by a series of mobile containers that function as room dividers and storage spaces.

The project was accomplished with a very small budget, and with the additional objective of overcoming the challenges moving as well as shipping and handling materials. It is also the first of many design installations that uses inflatable products to speak about today’s culture scene.

Lab-Office-by-Luis-Pons-Design-lab-Miami-Florida-02 Lab-Office-by-Luis-Pons-Design-lab-Miami-Florida-03 Lab-Office-by-Luis-Pons-Design-lab-Miami-FloridaScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 22.24.42


Mar 2014
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Coworking Space – Miami South Beach

Büro is a dynamic young company based in South Beach Miami. Founded in 2009, the space was inspired by the growing coworking trends in Europe and other major US cities – the aim was to provide entrepreneurs and independent professionals with a better place to work.

The interior is fresh and flexible, designed to create an alternative urban workspace that’s stylish and affordable in the heart of Miami. The coworking space makes great use of retro furniture and modern feature pieces, we especially love the braille-like walls!


May 2013
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Shared Office Space – Miami


MiamiShared is located in a brand new high rise building, providing 8,000 sq ft of shared office space Miami.  The facility features ultra-modern architecture and design with large floor-to-ceiling windows overseeing the blue skies of Miami.  Services provided by MiamiShared range from meeting rooms and video conferencing to hosting networking events.  They also provide optional services such as web design , IT support, PPC services and computer rental.  MiamiShared is a modern and affordable shared office space for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Miami.

If you are looking for shared office space in Miami, or other cities in the United States, please click here to see the cool services eOffice has to offer.

Jun 2011
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