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Stanislaw Mlynski designed this Ecological Wall as a project for a competition organised by the National Taipei University of Technology School of Architecture. The building is essentially an ecological Office block. The competition was international in scope and so the submission had to be something quite spectacular.  The structure is covered with organic vegetation, allowing it to absorb CO2 and move it into the plants.

According to Mlynski:

“I proposed to create structural wall using organic waste containers. I believe that arrangement of elements, as well as their shape have potential to create shelters for animals, gather water, reduce CO2. The solar system has the aim to ensure energetic independence.”

In essence the Ecological Wall aims to accommodate vegetation into everyday life. It creates an organic space within  the urban setting, allowing everything from the food and water we consume to the very fabrics we use to develop all around us. This design is truly inspiring, not only does it look beautiful but it creates a vehicle by which we can incorporate organic materials more into our daily lives, allowing us to live in both an urban and environmental surrounding!

Mar 2011
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Immersive Tree Hotel – Sweden

The Tree Hotel is located in the small Village of Harads, which is roughly 60km away from the Arctic Circle.  The owners sought to create a hotel which was a “well designed hotel which allows visitors to live in harmony with nature amongst the trees”.

Essentially, the Tree Hotel is a series of tree houses high atop the Boreal forest, offering visitors the best of both worlds – the ability to stay within impeccably designed accommodation that offers all creature comforts, while at the same time being totally immersed within the beauty of the forest.  We especially love the one clad in mirrors, making one feel truly immersed in the splendours of nature!

Jan 2011
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Sustainable House Design by H Arquitectes

This green and sustainable house was designed by H Arquitectes in the rural areas of Catalunya Spain. It is built on a platform of natural rock, designed to be extremely easy to build. What’s more, it makes use of dry building methods that save substantial amounts of water – something especially important in arid areas. This also means that the financial and temporal investment is minimal.

The inner layout of the house is based on a lineal sequence of rooms, which are all of different proportions and linked to the structure. Part of the beauty of the design is that the building can work either as an open-spaced layout if required, or alternatively as a closed one. The house’s use of natural wood for the outer shell of the building seems to be a perfect match to its surroundings, blending in seamlessly with the natural environment in which it sits.

Photos via H Arquitectes

Dec 2010
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I designed my office to be as unobtrusive as possible, to be an uncluttered work space, a guest house that keeps ‘em coming back, and an inspired meditation room. It has a green roof so when we see the structure from the house it fits into the forest.

source: Flickr

Sep 2009
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