Nokia GEM – Touchscreen All Over

The Nokia GEM is the latest gift from the Nokia Research Center, the concept behind the phone is that it’s totally customisable with touch screens on every surface of the phone. Essentially, the phone is one big touchscreen device. The shape of the phone is more reminiscent of the old school Nokia phones, rather than the iPhone/HTCesque phones of late. Though clearly some time away , it does indicate the exciting possibilities to come!

This isn’t Nokia’s first innovative/crazy phone idea. It also showcased the Nokia Kinetic bendy concept phone at Nokia World 2011.

Nov 2011
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Nokia Unik Customisable Phone

Targeting the global market, French designer Clement Logereau has designed a unique mobile handset that lets users modify its back made of 152 customizable small squares. Entitled the “UNIK,” the Nokia concept becomes a fashion accessory for trendy users, as they can get additional squares in different colors and materials, including metal, transparent and rubber, from Nokia shops. The artistic cellphone lets users play with their imagination as they can match the texture with their mood or personality.

nokia unik _02

nokia unik _01
nokia unik _03
nokia unik _04
nokia unik _05

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Dec 2009
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