PUMA Ping-Pong Table

The CHALK ping pong table was designed and developed by Studio Aruliden especially for PUMA. The table is unique in that is has a chalk surface, allowing players to write down the score as they play. It also allows  them to note down any inspiring thoughts which may come to them whilst playing. The build materials are of the highest quality, the legs are made of ash wood and the net of chain link. A ping-pong table is a great addition to any office, as it allows staff to take a refreshing break and in many situations can increase productivity as regular sessions of exercise are good not only for the body, but also the mind. The table is a limited edition item, and prices at roughly $4,000.

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Puma City

The Puma City project was undertaken by LOT-EK architects, which are based in New York City. They were tasked with creating something that not only looked great and was easily transportable, but that also housed a retail store, a lounge, an event space and office space. It is thus clear that this was no average design project, requiring especially creative thinking. Shipping containers were choosen as the base material for the project, a clever idea which allowed Puma to make use of the already extensive shipping network in place all over the world. 24 containers were thus fitted out, and due to the amount of countries in which they would be set up, the whole project had to adhere to international building codes.

Puma City was built in order to travel in unison from port to port with the 70ft Puma sailing boat il Mostro which was competing in the 2008 Volvo Ocean Race.

Nov 2010
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