SGI releases first new product since bankruptcy, Octane III

SGI has been quiet as of late, in fact we haven’t heard much since they declared bankruptcy and were bought by Rackable Systems back in April. Apparently since then they’ve been waiting for the dust to settle and release a new workstation, the Octane III supercomputer.

It’s good to hear from SGI. Their new system looks pretty sweet too, with the potential of up to 80 cores, and 1 TB of memory. Of course, this is not meant for the casual user, but rather someone working on high end graphics or animation, just like the old SGI workstations. The bad news is, you’re going to pay for this power. The Octane III starts at the in yo’ face price of $7999, and goes up from there. Admittedly, the system has the computing power of something typically found on a rackmount system, but it’s still pretty impressive.

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Sep 2009
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