Unique Office Interior by Most Architecture

Brandbase, a advertising agency based in Amsterdam, has commissioned Most Architecture to design its new temporary office space. Brandbase wished to furnish the office with recyclable materials, and so wooden pallets sprang to mind. The space was designed to meet the work requirements of Brandbase, while at the same time maintaining an informal atmosphere that was inviting to all who entered. The existing space was painted white, it being felt that it would provide an inconspicuous  base on which the pallets could stand out. To add to the feel, all the furniture and fixtures were painted  black. As such the office has three distinctive layers, the white background, the wooden pallets, and the black accents.

Being an advertising agency, BrandBase included new media outlets from the very start of the creative process. It did this by updating the design developments as well the execution of the project on its Facebook page, amassing followers from around the world.

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