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Steely Eye Digital Media is an independent, full service provider taking on all parts of the mobile software development process from identifying and quantifying the mobile opportunity considered, through to design and feasibility, development, testing, porting, release and maintenance.

Steely Eye Digital Media offers application development services for iPhone, Android, Symbian OS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Java J2ME, as well as mobile web applications, widgets and SMS services. We also understand web and server technologies ensuring that your mobile solution is completely integrated.

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Nov 2010
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Live Messenger for Facebook

The popular Live Messenger application for Facebook – embedding MSN directly into your Facebook Profile or Page – has just been re-launched for 2009, to the delight of its 400,000 strong fan-base!

The application has an impressive feature set, allowing your Facebook Friends to chat to you anytime on MSN via your Facebook Profile or Page. Widgets can be embedded on Business Pages, your main personal profile, Boxes tab or Info section.

The application homepage lets you view a real-time contact list with live status updates as well as engage in multiple, tabbed conversations and assign multiple MSN addresses to your Facebook account. The “Live Lounge” has also been introduced, an opt-in feature allowing users to meet and chat with new people from all over the world. There’s also handy access to SkyDrive (Microsoft’s free virtual hard-drive feature), Hotmail, Live Today and your MSN Profile.

Get Live Messenger for your Page

Get Live Messenger for your Profile

Facebook Pages which use the application receive free advertising within the application too. It’s a particularly useful widget for Pages, since it enhances business communication and accessibility, allowing Pages to provide live support or points of contact for their clients…

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