Entrepreneur Networking Events at eOffice London


Vision, creative drive, forward thinking and sleepless nights – the success formula for every entrepreneur, passionate to build his idea into a recognized market brand. And aren’t these stories an inspiration to all of us?

At eOffice we are fond of our aspiring community of entrepreneurs and startups, who work hard to staple their name on the market place. We love getting to know their stories, and we feed from their unparalleled energy and drive.This is why we host and organize different networking events at eOffice with the sole purpose of bringing like minded people together, giving them a chance to exchange ideas, valuable contacts and spread awareness about their business.

Have a look at a couple of the last events held at eOffice. Join us next time and enjoy the exciting buzz of these events.

TechItalia London Networking Event


TechItalia is an informal networking event targeted at Italian entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers within the technology sector. Created only a couple of months ago the meetup group already has 280 members and is gaining more and more interest. The last event held in our brand new eOffice Holborn coworking space gathered 50 aspiring entrepreneurs form Italy, who exchanged valuable contacts and ideas, as well as enjoyed a glass of chilled prosecco. The format of the meetup starts with a mingling session, followed up by a few presentations from innovative tech companies, summarizing what they do and how they started this exciting journey. Have a look at the great crowd we had over at eOffice Holborn and join us on our next event on Thursday 19th March







Apéro Entrepreneurs London Networking Event

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The Apéro Entrepreneurs are informal meetups on the first Thursday of each month with over 850 current members. The event attracts French-speaking entrepreneurs and startups, but everyone else is also very welcome to join. For each event there are a number of brief presentations from the entrepreneurs themselves, explaining in details the concept of their business and their company strategy for the future. Definitely worth joining! The next event is scheduled for 5th March

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Once a month we also hold LatinTech London, a networking event which gathers professionals within the technology sector who either come from Latin countries or work with Latin communities and companies. If you are interested join us on our next event, Wednesday, 18th March.

VMG Business Center – Our Stylish Partner in San Jose, Costa Rica


Our eOffice eNetwork partner VMG Business Center in San Jose, Costa Rica offers a dynamic work environment, a fusion between modern and functional, with an artistic splash of colour by the contemporary art adorning the meeting rooms and office space.


With a stable economy, Costa Rica is the fourth most competitive country in Latin America with strong advances in technology. Its macroeconomic stability attracts a range of entrepreneurs and startups forming an established community of growing companies.


VMG’s flexible terms of office and service use allow every company to use the facilities exactly for the duration and purpose that they require. VMG’s corporate, yet creative meeting rooms are ideal for business meetings, presentations or seminars as well as providing a professional image. The stylish lounge area offers the comforts to relax, brainstorm new ideas and simply engage in impromptu conversations with like-minded people. The personable and highly qualified team has hands on approach to facilitate tailored solutions for the special requirements of your business so you can fully focus on your professional growth.


Catering for a range of aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium size companies, VMG presents the best option of flexible services and office space taking into consideration whether you are growing or downsizing your business. The fully-furnished, high-quality facilities are the most cost effective option for an instant office with additional value added services and activities.


VMG’s virtual office package benefits from prestigious business location in San Jose, access to executive spaces, and administrative support with personalized calls on your company name as well as mail collection and forwarding.


Last but not least you will benefit from the all year round beautiful weather of Costa Rica, a top holiday destination famous its lovely tropical beaches and wonders of nature.



Ngoji – Our High-End eNetwork Partner in Fortaleza, Brazil

Building Front Desk

Satisfy our customers with high quality services anticipating their expectations.

This is the motto of our stylish coworking partner in Fortaleza, Brazil. Their dedication to high-quality service and commitment to always excel customers’ expectations is also reflected in the all testimonial by their current members, confirming that they truly live up to their high-set standards.

The Ngoji centre captivated me because of its friendly staff, pleasant facilities, discreet and professional environment, which is essential for a my lawyer practice. In fact, the customer service performance is one of the secrets for client satisfaction. Besides all, Ngoji´s coworking space saves me time, which is very costly to me since I manage several projects all around Brazil.  Haroldo Guimarães, Lawyer

Phone answering

With impressive interior and high-end furnishing, Ngoji adopts the concept of a “business hotel” – offering flexible personalized plans to businesses, fully adapting to their needs and professional requirements. Their premium address in Fortaleza is desired and highly beneficial for any startup requiring a Virtual Office. In addition to office space, high-tech equipped meeting and conference rooms, as well as kitchen with all amenities, Ngoji also offers a whole range of business support services in tune with the needs of every small to medium size enterprise. From secretary, consulting to logistics services, clients are offered different solutions to support their operations so they can focus on the core of their business. Members will pay only for what they use, getting rid of the large costs of maintaining a fixed physical space.

Meeting Room_A

The name of the business centre – Ngoji, is strategically chosen to reflect the philosophy of the company and their practice. Ngoji means “connection link” and exactly represents their goal to connect a diverse and multicultural range of professionals in order to establish stern business relationship to further grow and expand each business practice.

Main Hall

Through our eOffice eNetwork partnership all Ngoji members benefit from access to over 200 high-quality business office centres worldwide, to further support their international expansion.

Top Executive Office

Waiting room

Front desk  & mail boxes

The LEVEL – getting people moving in the workplace


Innovative workplace products always catch our attention! This is how we came across the LEVEL, FluidStance’s brand new product, offering a solution to long sitting hours at the office. Complying with the anti-sitting agenda of medical researchers, continuously stressing the negative effects of sitting down for long hours, LEVEL enables you to move, without distracting you from your work task.

Exclusive for eOffice, Founder Joel Heath unveils the benefits and how he came with the idea about this innovative product.

How was the idea about LEVEL born?

I went from owning my own business in Vail, Colorado where I could ski, bike or kayak 60-80 days a year to a corporate gig in California where I was at a desk for 60 hours a week.  I moved to a stand up desk and enjoyed the benefits immensely, but realized standing all day was hard too.  The body was meant to move.  Fast forward to today, I started to play with ways that you could move your body while at your desk.  I liked the concept of treadmill desks, but that seemed unrealistic.  I wanted an option that was accessible, didn’t require a plug and could be used in a variety of environments.  Lastly, we challenged our design to be worthy of a high rise office space and not a piece of equipment.  The LEVEL was born.

How and where can you use LEVEL?

The most obvious place for use is at a standup desk, but it can also be used in meetings, on calls at a traditional desk or for call centers.  It is also a great accompaniment for video games and homework.  


What are the main benefits of the LEVEL?

Your heart is increased an average of 15% over sitting and your range of motion is 20x greater than standing – similar to what you would experience walking in your lower legs.  Lastly, it is just more playful.

How do you envision the future of the office desk?

I foresee people’s time being compartmentalize with 70% of their day sitting (commuting, eating, meetings etc), 20% of their day in a state of flow on a product like FluidStance’s LEVEL where they are moving but attached to a specific place or technology and lastly 10% of the day actually moving (walking, running, biking etc).  The key to all of this is a flexible workspace that allows for moderation over the idea that focus requires being sedentary.


To support FluidStance and the development of their forward-thinking product the LEVEL check their crowdfunding campaign and choose from one of the offered perks.


Officenter – our high-quality eNetwork partner in Belgium

OCM cowork2 0038

If you are looking for an all-in-one office solution in Belgium, you will find your ideal partner in the face of the Officenter, a valued member of the eOffice eNetwork. With presence in Antwerp, Maastricht, Hasselt, Leuven and Turnhout, their modern serviced office facilities cater for an exciting mix of startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small to medium size companies.

Officenter Maastricht

The high-tech infrastructure of Officenter’s shared office environment features hordesking area, individual offices, conference and meeting rooms and full-time reception and secretary services. The all-inclusive concept of the space is purposefully designed to ease clients and offer them a package that includes everything at no extra cost for additional services.

OCM bistro 0135

Clients are also encouraged to ask for a tailor-made package so Officenter can provide the most suitable solution for the individual needs of every company. The stylish surrounding, furnished with modern, high-quality office furniture creates an inspirational and motivating environment, the ideal alternative to the solitude of working from home.

OCM eventrm  0105

The impressive coworking space also includes parking facilities, bicycle shed, catering facilities and fully equipped kitchen and lounge area. Meeting and conference rooms on an hourly basis, hotdesking packages as well as virtual office solutions are all part of the flexible benefits offered by Officenter. The venue is ideal for startups to interact, exchange ideas and develop valuable contacts and relationships from the industry.

OCM coworking 0164


OCM businessroom1 0153

SoundCloud’s Impressive HQ in Berlin

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

SoundCloud, the startup that is currently valued at $700 million, provides an online audio sharing platform, where users can upload and stream music files. With expanding user base, currently with 250 million users, the Berlin-based company is undergoing fast expansion, also apparent in their brand new 4,000 square meter headquarters in Berlin.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

Designed with concrete floors, the spacious workplace has an urban, industrial feel. This ambiance is reinforced by many of the interior elements, which were left unchanged from its former function as a brewery. This unconventional office space has a total capacity of 350 people, almost double to the current SoundCloud team of 180 spread in product, engineering, design, finance community, legal and HR teams.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

Designed by German architect firm Kinzo, this office features plenty of perks, immanent to almost every startup workplace. A library, a garden, yoga room, fireplace, even a relax area with an acoustic isolating curtain.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

The wood-burning fireplace lounge area is purposefully designer tech-free, so employees can “switch off” for a moment and engage in non work related conversations. There are also 16 uniquely designed meeting rooms that vary in size, but all feature glass walls to reinforce the company’s transparent image and culture. The designers also took special care in making the office eco-friendly with couch cushions made from sustainable hemp and coconut.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

As an audio company the cool office space also features plenty of sound equipment as well as a dedicated recording studio.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin


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eOffice in Support of the GREENWILL Initiative

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We are pleased to support the GREENWILL initiative, achieving greener, healthier and more productive work environment for our members.

Many businesses, public enterprises, large and small organizations are willing to take part in making the world a cleaner and more sustainable place. They are keen to find ways to reduce cost, maximize output, improve their public image and respond to the general pressure in creating an environmentally friendly workspace. But all too often they don’t know how to take the first steps.

eOffice team with Michele Orzan, President of GREENWILL

eOffice team with Michele Orzan, President of the EUROPEAN CHAMBER

This is where the GREENWILL initiative comes in place in order to help companies achieve these parallel goals. Leading this invaluable initiative is EuCham – European Chamber, spreading the simple, concise and completely voluntary set of guidelines to help make every company’s operations more sustainable.

Any business willing to make their activities and work environment greener can join the GREENWILL initiative and make that pledge public. The simple guidelines help interested parties shape their approach towards commuting, transport use, electricity, water, heating & cooling, waste, recycling and hazardous materials.

photo 3(4)

By registering for GREENWILL every company will receive an annual Green Policy for free from GREENWILL. By adopting and implementing even a few of the guidelines will help make the world a greener and friendlier place!


Worksping – our high-end eNetwork partner in Chicago


The modern, high-quality facilities and coworking space of our partner in Chicago – Workspring, promotes wellbeing and helps small to medium size companies accomplish their business goals and get on with their work. The space is designed to offer ultimate comfort and flexibility, from attentive staff to all-inclusive amenities, which makes Workspring the perfect venue for meetings, business events and coworking.


Tailored to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small to medium size businesses, Workspring offers open plan office solutions on an hourly or full time basis in compliance with today’s mobile worker. Workspring’s design-led workplace is equipped with user-friendly technology and personal touches to specifically cater for the individual ways of work. In their own words:

When it comes to turning insights into human-centered design, ours is a process that never ends.


This statement fully supports the company’s culture to always evolve and look for the new trends and requirements within the coworking sector. Their strong believe that work should be rewarding, fulfilling and ultimately offer a deeper sense of wellbeing is the main reason that drives the company’s innovative spirit and strive to sustain a healthy and satisfied coworking community.


With fully equipped meeting and conference rooms Workspring offers flexible solutions to companies who are looking for temporary work space in Chicago. The modern space is aimed to accommodate businesses experiencing growth or downsize, offering solutions to adapt to the individual work and environment needs.


A calendar of networking events and workshops presents invaluable collaboration opportunities as well as meeting like-minded professionals to further develop business relations and exchange of ideas and knowledge.




Chartboost’s New, Creative Headquarters in San Francisco


As the largest games technology platform, Chartboost’s new headquarters in San Francisco showcase the company’s energy and focus on fun. The bright colours infusing the whole space are only limited to the four brand colours of red, green, blue and orange.


Founded in 2011, Chartboost has currently reached 300 million users a month in over 150 countries. This games-only technology platform also acts as a social network for game developers to connect with potential players and gain more exposure for their games. In total, this startup has raised $21M in funding and is now the world’s largest games technology platform.


All conference and meeting rooms in their impressive office are themed with motifs from classic games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Tetris and Legend of Zelda. The whole office space makes everyone instantly imagine they are inside the world of a game, which acts as an inspiration to employees and definitely brings the wow factory with visiting clients.


The flexibility and open plan aspect of the space allows people to work from any spot in the office. Having impromptu meetings on a hammock or sinked in one of the beanbags reinforces the informal and playful feel of the interior design. Wall art, installations and themed wallpapers complement the unique set of this work environment, branding every corner of the space.


Not only the office space looks like a game, but it also has a dedicated game room with ball pit and giant Lego wall. 3D sculptures and playful textures add an extra jolt of energy to this unique Chartboost headquarters in San Francisco.




Whole Foods Market Headquarters in California


The premium, healthy food chain store, Whole Foods, impresses yet again with their brand new office facilities in California, spread over two floors of ample open-plan workplace. The intention of the interior design was to mainly reflect the company’s ethos of close-knit “family” culture, crucial to the brand’s identity.



Another important feature of the design of the office is to nurture collaboration and interaction, vital for a creative workflow and idea generation.   There are workstations located along the windows and private offices behind glass walls, offering everyone access to daylight as well as views of the whole office.



In bright red, the open staircase between the two floors acts as a focal point of the work environment as well as stresses the collaborative spirit of the company.



The clever use of materials and the bright colours create a dynamic atmosphere serving as a creative inspiration for the employees. The wallpaper and artworks display the healthy, organic image of Whole Foods and reinforce the essence of the company’s operations and ideology.