Chartboost’s New, Creative Headquarters in San Francisco


As the largest games technology platform, Chartboost’s new headquarters in San Francisco showcase the company’s energy and focus on fun. The bright colours infusing the whole space are only limited to the four brand colours of red, green, blue and orange.


Founded in 2011, Chartboost has currently reached 300 million users a month in over 150 countries. This games-only technology platform also acts as a social network for game developers to connect with potential players and gain more exposure for their games. In total, this startup has raised $21M in funding and is now the world’s largest games technology platform.


All conference and meeting rooms in their impressive office are themed with motifs from classic games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Tetris and Legend of Zelda. The whole office space makes everyone instantly imagine they are inside the world of a game, which acts as an inspiration to employees and definitely brings the wow factory with visiting clients.


The flexibility and open plan aspect of the space allows people to work from any spot in the office. Having impromptu meetings on a hammock or sinked in one of the beanbags reinforces the informal and playful feel of the interior design. Wall art, installations and themed wallpapers complement the unique set of this work environment, branding every corner of the space.


Not only the office space looks like a game, but it also has a dedicated game room with ball pit and giant Lego wall. 3D sculptures and playful textures add an extra jolt of energy to this unique Chartboost headquarters in San Francisco.




Whole Foods Market Headquarters in California


The premium, healthy food chain store, Whole Foods, impresses yet again with their brand new office facilities in California, spread over two floors of ample open-plan workplace. The intention of the interior design was to mainly reflect the company’s ethos of close-knit “family” culture, crucial to the brand’s identity.



Another important feature of the design of the office is to nurture collaboration and interaction, vital for a creative workflow and idea generation.   There are workstations located along the windows and private offices behind glass walls, offering everyone access to daylight as well as views of the whole office.



In bright red, the open staircase between the two floors acts as a focal point of the work environment as well as stresses the collaborative spirit of the company.



The clever use of materials and the bright colours create a dynamic atmosphere serving as a creative inspiration for the employees. The wallpaper and artworks display the healthy, organic image of Whole Foods and reinforce the essence of the company’s operations and ideology.



Our Design-Led Office Neighbour in Soho, London


When you think of a cloud solutions provider you would not imagine a design-led office environment with contemporary artworks and installations, bright colours, designer furniture and state of the art facilities.


Our new neighbour in the buzzing area of Soho is and their brand new office space designed by Areq Sq, completed just now. This high-tech workplace comprises an ultra trendy interior look, offering a creative and stimulating environment for the staff of the cloud solutions provider. Equipped with an ideas table, stand-up design desks and meeting rooms with transparent writing walls, complement the dynamic set up of the office space – giving the feel of an imaginative and inventive work process.

contemporary-office-design-space-london-adelto-05 has grown from a UK startup to a recognized technology company with global operations across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Positioned on the same street as eOffice – Broadwick Street, Soho, the office instantly impresses every customer that sets foot in its remarkable premises. And this was exactly one of the objectives when designing the space – to be able to showcase and instantly grasp the brand values and ethos when walking around the workspace.


The layout is purposefully designed to encourage spontaneous, informal meetings and brainstorming, resulting in the ideas, driving the company forward. Behind bright pink transparent partitions, there is the so-called ideas table, where you can see people sitting for impromptu meetings as well as working from their mobile devices – reinstating the mobile future of working.


As expected from a cloud solution provider, the workplace is equipped with the latest in technology. It also features its own Software Design lab, deliberately furnished with standing furniture and write-on walls to encourage more dynamic and interactive meetings.   The concept of collaboration and engagement is infused in every design decision in this office space as well as serving as an inspirational work environment to turn up to every morning of the week.



Coworking Europe Conference 2014, Lisbon, Portugal

Coworking Conference eOffice team

We were thrilled to be part of the annual Coworking Conference, held this year at the exciting capital of Portugal, Lisbon. With an emerging startup and coworking scene, the location was perfect, gathering some of the leading figures in the serviced office industry as well as a great mix of entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals interested in the future of coworking.

Coworking Europe Conference

In three days, filled with presentations, seminars, discussion panels and informal gatherings, the audience got the chance to cover interesting topics from the field of coworking, the changing nature of today’s workplace and the ways we work.

Coworking Europe Conference

One of the first impressive charts displayed on the big screen in Sao Jorge Cinema, where the conference took place, was the steady growth of the coworking trend and the year on year increase in the coworking facilities closing into 6,000 worldwide.   A concept, that emerged almost 50 years ago in California, coworking has evolved to become an industry on its own, accommodating various types of entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium size companies, who see benefits in the shared office environment in terms of collaboration, and interaction.

Coworking Europe Conference

Topics on community and community management were also covered in smaller groups, giving insights into the different practices applied by centres around the world. Success and failure stories were shared, giving perfect examples how to efficiently maintain and expand your coworking community

Coworking Europe Conference

Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder of eOffice, was part of a panel of experienced professionals in the Business centre/ coworking sector discussing and sharing best practice in multiplying Coworking directories – definitely the way forward in expanding the reach and awareness of your centre.

Coworking Europe Conference dinner

A popular topic this year was also coworking in remote locations. In response to the growing demand for spaces offering a share workspace environment, the coworking trend has transported itself to small cities and remote areas with a lower concentration of business activities. This is also in tune with the mobile nature of today’s work and the technological advances that supported this transition. There is an emerging community of the so called “nomad workers”, able to work from any spot on the planet as well as purposefully relocating themselves to the smaller and exotic places, which offer a cost efficient alternative to the big city. Not to mention the favourable climate.

Coworking Europe Conference

Elaborating on this trend is “Out of the Office”, the book by Carlos Goncalves, founder of AVILA Business Centre Lisbon, which examines the new ways of work adopted by our society, the different factors affecting that change as well as what is installed for the future of the workplace. Definitely worth reading!


The Coworking Europe Conference ended with an organized tour in some of the leading coworking spaces in Lisbon, starting from AVILA Business Centre, member of the eOffice eNetwork. Their stylish office environment offers a professional setting infused with a homey feel, making it a pleasure to work from.  Another impressive visit on the tour was Underground Village Lisboa – very much one of the most alternative workspaces we have seen.

Village Underground Lisboa

The team is now back in London with tons of industry insights, great new connections and excitement to see the evolution of our industry in 2015. See you in the next Coworking Conference 2016!

Coworking Europe Conference


Link2U – our eOffice eNetwork Partner in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Link2u View Avenue Paulista

Located in the cosmopolitan city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, our eOffice, eNetwork partner Link2U offers a stylish coworking environment, with open plan space bringing together professionals from different business sectors. They are firm believers in the concept of sharing an office space as an opportunity for sharing experience, knowledge and skills as well as creating potential valuable partnerships. And Sao Paolo might be one of the best cities to flourish such a concept.


As the 10th richest city in the world, Sao Paolo is the biggest financial centre in the world. With large number of foreign corporations the city is thriving with opportunities for emerging companies and entrepreneurs who want to have a strategic positioning in the South American continent. The fast pace growth of the Brazilian economy saw the emergence of non-traditional methods of the work culture, one being the coworking concept. Now more and more people turn to those interactive venues as a preferred environment to set their business practice and start growing.

Link2u-Coworking- Meeting Room II(1)

Link2U offers fully serviced office environment available on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis. The space is ideal for entrepreneurs, small to medium size companies, and freelancers looking for a vibrant environment with like-minded professionals. The venue is accessible 24/7 and fully equipped with kitchen amenities as well as a lounge area for relaxation or informal meetings with incredible views of Av. Paulista. The meeting room is well appointed with all necessities for a business meeting, offering you the professional image you require.

Link2u-Coworking- Meeting Room(1)

The building of Link2U office is strategically located on Av. Paulista – the most famous address in the city of Sao Paulo. With great transportation links, the building also has parking facilities inside as well as availability in front of the centre.


The personable customer care team has hands on approach, helping members inquire the perfect plan for exactly what they need on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Whether you need a full-time office or just hotdesking the flexible terms offered by Link2U are the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, freelancers or growing companies whose needs vary according to their business growth and work engagement.




eOfis – our eNetwork partner in Istanbul, Turkey

eOfis kitchen area Istanbul, Turkey - eOffice eNetwork

Part of the eOffice eNetwork, our established partner in Istanbul – eOfis, offers modern, fully furnished office spaces in some of the most prestigious locations of this buzzing metropolis.

eOfis Istanbul eNetwork partner

Istanbul, a capital city of three Great Empires, is now one of Turkey’s economic centres. As the most important export and import gate of the country, the city is a preferred business centre for professionals from the growing sectors of finance, tourism, services and banking.   The geographical location of Istanbul is also a favourable feature with international companies as the first four hours of the business day overlap with Asian countries and the other four with European. Istanbul’s unique location has made the city a financial centre for the entire region and has prompted a lot of entrepreneurial activities and business set up.

eOfis break area, Istanbul, Turkey - eOffice, eNetwork

In response to the growing demand of shared office facilities and the growth of small to medium size companies, eOfis offers stylish environment on flexible terms. Located in a number of prestigious addresses across Istanbul, eOfis provides a variety of services tailored for startups and entrepreneurs looking for company establishment support and practical office solutions. If your company only requires a prestigious address presence in Istanbul you can benefit from different virtual office packages to cover all your requirements.

eOfis Istanbul eNetwork

To maximize your productivity at a minimum cost, eOfis provides fully furnished modern office space, as well as having every call answered by your company name. All your mail will be collected on your behalf, and you will receive a prompt notification to your email address. High-tech, fully equipped meeting rooms can accommodated your business meeting as well as enhance your professional image.

eOfis Beybi office space - eOffice eNetwork

With 24/7 security, easy access to transportation links and personable customer care and reception team, eOfis is your best partner when looking for an office space, meeting room, virtual office or simply hotdesking on an hourly basis in Istanbul, Turkey.

eOfis Office Meeting Room, eOffice eNetwork


Top 3 Coolest Offices in the World

From ski gondola meeting rooms to sleeping nooks – join us on a tour at some of the most spectacular office interiors on the planet.

Capital One Labs – San Francisco, USA


Not your average financial institution office! Capital One Labs – the company designing apps for its parent bank is residing a 3,500-square-foot office in San Francisco – an utterly creative space, springing colours and innovation from every angle. The dynamic interior absorbs the entire space with clever arrangement and bold colour, intentionally positioned to foster innovative spirit as well as collaboration and team work.

The architect firm responsible for the unique workplace design, Studio O+A, describes the central yellow staircase as “rustic drama”. As one of the main designer’s Alma Lopez states:

You’re creating an experience coming down those stairs.


The playful features of the space also include elevated sleeping nooks, which you can reach by a ladder, very much like the one leading to your backyard tree house. The diagonal beams that cut through the open plan space are a clever design trick, which makes the venue feel larger.


The bright neon colours, mostly apparent in the common areas, reflect the creative spirit of the team and the company culture. Inspiring and provoking the imagination, the colour pallet makes a bold statement, making this office environment inimitably fresh.


Google, Zurich, Switzerland


Eclectic and utterly creative, Google’s office in Zurich reminds of a playground rather than an office place. With elaborately themed rooms, and all sorts of odd and playful touched, Google’s unique workplaces around the world have become a signature feature of the company’s culture.


Google’s engineering hub in Zurich was designed by the Camenzind Evolution architect firm, which incorporated tons of fun features making the outlook of the space almost surreal. And it has everything – from game rooms, micro conference rooms, snack room, jungle rooms, relax rooms with aquariums, and of course space for work .


The space is a triumph of the imagination. It comprises so many diverse elements and themes, which challenge our standard perception of an office space and makes us wonder is it all a game. With ski gondolas as meeting rooms, massage rooms for relaxation and slides taking you to the restaurant for lunch, this Google office revolutionizes the rules of the workspace, creating a fusion between work and play.


Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid, Spain


Spanish Architect firm Selgas Cano resides in this spectacular , self-designed office amongst the woods near Madrid in Spain. The tunnel like space comprises a transparent acrylic forms which open the space to the surrounding nature integrating the beautiful colours of the forest in the interior. This also contributes to the abundance of natural light streaming through the glass roof.


This workplace is half underground leveling your horizon with the ground of the forest. This also ensures perfect heat insulation, accustomed to the souring summer temperatures in Madrid.


The space serves as an inspiration for all the architects working here. Feeding their imagination directly from the landscape around them, the fantastic venue makes you feel as part of nature.


The Importance of Plants in Your Office

Office plants - eOffice

It is a well-known fact that plants lower workplace stress and enhance productivity. The importance of having greenery around us has been the subject of numerous studies, examining the effects that plants have on our work habits, and mood.

Recent studies conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr conclude that participants working in an environment with plants were 12% more productive and less stressed than those who were simply surrounded by concrete walls. The study took place in a simulated office environment, where plants were the only variable. The interesting results also indicated that an environment with plants also has an influence on the blood pressure. According to Dr. Ultrich:

Visual exposure to plant settings produces significant recovery from stress within 5 minutes.

Grass Wall Office -eOffice Blog

Another advantage of surrounding your office with floras is that they are proven to lower the operation and maintenance costs of your workplace. Plants, and their unique process of transpiration, have the ability to cool air temperature by 10 decrees. What’s more, this same process humidifies the air in a range of 30-60% – the recommended human comfort range. This might also act as a protection for your office furniture as we are all aware that if the relative humidity of the office is either too low or too high this might damage the furniture and your office interior.


Employees and clients are getting more selective in the overall look, design and feel of your office space. Plants offer a dramatic aesthetic value to your interior, positively enhancing perception and contributing to the well being of your employees. At the same time studies show that building lacking greenery are instantly viewed as less attractive and less welcoming.

Office Break Out Area - eOffice blog

Having plants in your office is also a key factor in enhancing the attitude of your employees and clients.   As today’s workplace is getting more and more competitive, survey report that employees need an inspiring setting for their “off” time. This is why companies are continuously investing in improving their space landscape, offering an interior that integrates nature.

Le Laptop coworking space – Paris, France

Le Laptop, Paris France

Created from freelancers for freelancers, Le Laptop, partner of the eOffice eNetwork, is a dynamic coworking space located in the trendy Jourdain quarter of North-East Paris, France. The buzzing area is known for its lively cluster of cafes, restaurants, shops and the very famous boulangeries with aroma of freshly baked croissants.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

The philosophy behind Laptop office space is to encourage collaboration and build a participative community of like-minded entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and small companies. The interesting mix of members with a variety of professional backgrounds offers multiple business connections and opportunities for the longer term. Being a freelancer herself, Pauline Thomas, the founder of Le Laptop, has created the space in order to offer an alternative to the isolation of working from home for every self-employed that has turned their idea into business.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

The workplace is also offering additional services in support of the different needs of every company. You can benefit from stylish meeting facilities, fully- equipped kitchen, comfy lounge area for relaxation or for those valuable impromptu meetings that spark new ideas and solutions. The uniquely designed workplace is also accessible 24/7 and can be used just for hotdesking for the amount of hours you need per month.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

The networking calendar of Le Laptop is also busy. Workshops, events and different kind of exhibits and training courses are regularly organized in the office space for the community members of Le Laptop.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

Le Laptop also partners with the University of Marne-La-Vallee, offering support to young talents and the new generation of designers and web professionals. Next to follow are the schools of art and communications.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

eOffice eNetwork reaches 200 locations worldwide

House of Business, Norway

eOffice eNetwork, House of Business, Norway

We are thrilled that our eOffice eNetwork has expanded to 200 locations worldwide making the eNetwrok the second largest network of business centres in the world. What makes us different, is our hand-picked partners with high quality facilities, strategic locations, outstanding customer support and tailored professional services to meet the needs of any startup or growing business.

eOffice eNetwork, BRIDGES Central Tower, Hong Kong

eOffice eNetwork, BRIDGES Central Tower, Hong Kong

Present in 6 continents, 58 countries and 108 cities the eNetwork covers all major business regions, offering in total 25,000 desks and 1000 meeting rooms worldwide. In response to the globalized needs of business today we will keep the momentum of steady expansion, increasing our presence and adding more prestigious business centres to the eOffice eNetwork.

eOffice eNetwork, Landmark Africa

eOffice eNetwork, Landmark Africa

From virtual office in Kampala, Uganda, or a meeting room in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to office space in central Paris, France – you name it. The eNetwork ensures your business requirements are covered in any major city allowing you to deliver professional image every time you set foot in one of the eNetwork centres. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup, or small to medium size enterprise, you can find a flexible solution to any service that will match your company’s needs.

eOffice eNetwork, Executive Centre, China

eOffice eNetwork, Executive Centre, China

We are pleased to partner with such wonderful business centres around the world, making possible the success of the eNetwork. We love to share valuable expertise and knowledge amongst each other and the annual eOffice eNetwork Conference was the perfect example for that. Partners flew in to London from all parts of the world for the two-day line of events, with great set up of key speakers and state-of-the-art venues in major locations around London.

RIBA - photo 2

We are glad our partners found the conference a valuable experience and see the great benefits of being part of the eOffice eNetwork. Here is what some of our partners had to share about their experience:

British Library - eNet Conference 2014 06-19

Carlos Gonçalves  – Avila Business Center and Avila Coworking

The Conference organized by the eOffice was definitely a great experience, both from the networking point of view and the learning of good practices. With this initiative, the eOffice showed once again that it is at the global vanguard in the Work Spaces industry and that the future passes though the reinforcement of the networking spirit. Congratulations for the outstanding work.

The Magazine - eNet Conference 2014 06-102(1)

Paris Andreou FCCA – Bluelink 

It was an extremely valuable conference in which we all had the chance to meet each other in person and most importantly to have the chance to exchange ideas and opportunities and trends in the office space industry. Such events help all of us to have a wider picture of the changing needs and trends of today’s business people and corporate entities and finding the best solutions in satisfying their needs. It was really a great experience. Thanks to all for the excellent organisation of this event.

British Library - eNet Conference 2014 06-11

Paul Onwuanibe – Landmark Offices

It was a pleasure to participate in the conference. I enjoyed thenetworking opportunities. Made great new contacts in the global business centre community, listened to some refreshing new ideas and learnt some of the more cutting edge design options for shared space. Now I really look forward ti next years conference.

The Magazine - eNet Conference 2014 06-125(1)

Göran Garberg – United Spaces Network Offices AB

Very well organized, with lots of inspiration. Great speakers with most relevant information! Obvious we are in the front of a huge emerging market! Met many new friends and several new business relations. Looking forward networking over the years and see you next year.

Thank you for the kind words and see you all at the eOffice eNetwork Conference 2015.