WorkSnug – Augmented Reality for London Workers

worksnugWorkSnug uses Augmented Reality to connect mobile workers to the nearest and best places to do some work in London.  It’s like Sci Fi and it’s free. Leap straight to the iTunes download page.

Trawl the coffee shops of London and you’ll see armies of people hunched over laptops. Perhaps they’re snatching five minutes to check their email between meetings or perhaps this is how they always work. The city is their office.

There’s a huge choice of places to work. From the noise and bustle of the local Starbucks, right up to formal shared office spaces such as eOffice.

WorkSnug is the first tool to make sense of this emerging world. We’ve discovered and personally reviewed hundreds of places to work, rating their atmosphere, noise levels, power provision, even the quality of the coffee.

They use Augmented Reality on the iPhone 3GS to guide mobile workers to the nearest and best places to connect. Simply point and move the phone – All becomes clear.

WorkSnug is an invaluable tool for: Corporate workers · Independent workers · Consultants in all fields · Part-time workers · Creative workers · Students · Job seekers · Start-ups · Journalists

Follow WorkSnug on Twitter: @WorkSnug – Download the app here.

Nov 2009
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