I’m delighted to share with you the launch of the first ever real world conferencing service enhanced and complimented by a virtual world arm. The system allows businesses to reach new audiences from both real and virtual world sources, providing a solution to global SME collaboration and interoperability. eOffice will be the first company worldwide to offer facilities of this nature to their clients, a move in touch with their forward thinking mentality.

The system consolidates real and virtual world resources in a way which not only enhances the reality of both, but creates a more engaging experience for participants. They can share video, stream webcam, audio, VOIP, images, URLs and collaborate on Documents, synchronised in real-time within an attractive virtual environment. It makes the powerful multimedia and communications potential of virtual worlds far more accessible to the masses, over a combination of platforms.

About Second Life

Second Life is the leading platform for 3D Virtual Reality worlds and a key player in the blossoming of the next era of the internet, with some 15 million residents.

Here, surfing becomes an immersive multimedia experience, interacting with sound, pictures, PowerPoint, video, other people and tangible objects as you walk, fly or teleport through a virtual universe.

Second Life opens the flood gates to a new level of collaboration, sharing and networking. Enabling real-time communication and dynamics between the real world and the virtual world, Second Life allows your virtual actions to have real consequences, unleashing endless possibilities to businesses with a virtual presence.

All this takes place within a real economy, across some 800 million sq meters of virtual land, with $1.5 million being spent on virtual goods every day.

The only limit in this environment is the imagination. Realism is a choice, not a prerequisite. Second Life is what you want it be.

Second Life Business Network
Second Life Tour

About the Designer

Mark Alexander set up his own business – Uproar Design – in 2007, as a Second Life Architect and Web 2.0 Specialist. He is currently reading a double Law degree at King’s College University London and Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne. After winning a scholarship to study at Rugby School, he went on to spend a year working on pervasive messaging technologies at IBM and was selected to join their team at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Mark’s work with virtual reality at IBM was shortlisted for the Computing Awards for Excellence 2007.

By building bridges between real and virtual worlds he seeks to encourage a new model of interaction and communication as awareness of virtual worlds and their positive impact on real world business grows.

Mark Alexander
0044 (0)7896 825506
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Official Second Life Solutions Provider
Computing Awards for Excellence 2007 Shortlisted

About the Author

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  1. WillB October 8, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Well, sounds good, we allow users to upload and tag and make films through a browser application, films made can be published/glued together in QT H264 and then played out through Second Life screens…….as well as Social Networks…..might be interesting to you?
    Here is a test film url you can use to stream to a Second Life screen if you are interested.


  2. we buy houses atlanta April 25, 2009 at 7:51 am

    I was wondering if you could set up some sort of system so when your publish a new article, i get emailed to alert me?

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