Conceived by Antoine Damery, the amphibian pavilion from Peddle Thorpe Architects (PTA) is a floating exhibition space that adjusts to varied space needs and can be sailed to distance places as a vessel to organize exhibitions as well as performances via sustainable means. An entry at the World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, Korea, the floating structure is an adaptable living building to support multidisciplinary activities while creating awareness about coastal eco-systems. Drawing inspiration from the contours and fluidity of oceanic organisms, the floating pavilion featuring a schematic design, reactive to the oceanic environments, attaches to the coastline as a living organism. Rising and falling with the tides, the pavilion provides an open interior to collaborate and host a range of events.

amphibian pavilion_01

amphibian pavilion_02
amphibian pavilion_03
amphibian pavilion_04
amphibian pavilion_05

amphibian pavilion_07
amphibian pavilion_08

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