Philips LivingColour Mood Lamps

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Counting on the popularity of the LivingColors lampPhilips has announced the second generation of the trendy lamp to set the mood in contemporary spaces. Capable of producing 16 million colors through a combination of seven LEDs, the latest version of the LivingColors lamp will illuminate with 50 percent more intensity. Controlled by a touch-sensitive remote, the new LivingColors lamp comes in an opaque version with a metal stand, allowing a more concentrated light beam in comparison to its predecessor. Priced between £100 and £180, the lamp’s options include a choice between a standing lamp, a wall lamp and two ceiling lamps according to the needs and likings of the user.

philips lamp_05

philips lamp_02

philips lamp_03

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  1. Angelina October 11, 2019 at 9:34 am

    Nice light for modern- style living room to use. But I thought it is too expensive which might exceed my budget.

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