Marine Research Centre

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The Marine Research Centre is an offshore research centre inspired by the form of a tsunami wave. Designed by Solus4, the research centre is aimed at providing space for study and research in the beautiful location of Kuta Beach in Bali. The centre stands in an area of about 2,500 sqm, and is designed not just for research, but also to allow for the natural enjoyment of the ocean environment. To that aim, the centre is designed with large expansive windows and an underwater viewing area.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic use, the underwater viewing room also allows for the study of aquatic life. What’s more, scientists from all over the world can study tsunamis activity by residing in the living quarters designed for them. The centre also provides research labs, a seawater pool, an aquatic garden library and an auditorium.

Furthermore, the centre is also capable of producing its own power and clean water. The solar passive and energy efficient design minimises consumption, while electricity is generated using tidal generators.

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