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The  Foundation Nicolas Hulot for Nature and Humankind is a state approved NGO which is focused on educating people and raising awareness about environmental issues. The HQ is based in the Parisian region of Boulogne-Billancourt. Since the Foundation was growing and needed larger premises they set out to design a new one from scratch. At the same time they wanted to incorporate the ecological values on which the foundation operates, and to ensure that there were more collaborative working spaces available. Thus Nicolas Favet Architectes were briefed, and with these requirements in mind they set out to design the new HQ using raw materials such as spruce plywood for space segregation, natural linoleum for the floor and recycled bricks in various other places. As you can see below, the outcome is quite imaginative.

Green Office Design Using Natural Materials

Green Office Design Using Natural Materials

Staircase - natural materials used. Wood and Plants

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