Metropol Parasol – Seville

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The Metropol Parasol is an outstanding architectural piece designed by the Berlin based J.Mayer H. Architects. They are known for their contemporary urban designs that push boundaries, this piece is no exception and the outcome is simply breathtaking. According to them they aim to work “at the intersection of architecture, communications and new technology.”

The site has been under development for the last 6 years, and so the completion of the Metropol Parasol signifies an important achievement for the city of Seville. The mesmerising timber and steel structure is around 18,000 square metres in size and occupies Seville’s Plaza de la Encarnacion. The Metropol Parasol is a multipurpose area, encompassing a farmers market, archaeological museum, bars and restaurants to name but a few. That said, perhaps the most enticing feature is the panoramic views from on top its undulating roof top.

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