The Volna office desk by Nüvist is possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of office furniture I’ve seen for a while. The striking design is both elegant and stylish, however I wonder how functional it would be as one’s daily  desk for work. Nevertheless this is definitely one office desk that I’d want!

It was very important to  create soft and serene experience in the tangible and the visual sense for this type of table design. The new technologies  and the modern materials were the main ingredients for the creation and these provide us to design an unbroken continious form. In this way, Volna Table has met both the functionality and a unique elegance look and it has been shaped  like a wave and features an incessant flow.


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  1. Rachel January 10, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Stunning! Love the bird model on the desk too 🙂

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