myThings are a company specialising in personalised display advertising, and their customers include the likes of Microsoft, Guess and Thomas Cook. Designed by Tali Rozenshtain and Rakefet Goldfarb, this space is their new office in Tel Aviv Israel, and it’s where the majority of their Research and Development takes place. Israel is proving to be a hotbed of technology companies, especially startups and so it’s no surprise that a company such as myThings would base their R&D branch there. The office mixes bright funky and modern colours with hints of retro and more classic design, combining to create one very well formed office space.

The design of the office space is a mix between “feel good” and easygoing, yet professional. With a lot of communal space, the myThings office sparks creativity through interaction between the employees in spaces with a lot of light. The office is a tightly edited combination of creativity, modernity and coolness.


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