The farmhouse workstation was developed by Software Advice‘s Don Fornes, in collaboration with Wendy Dunnam Tita at Dunnam Tita Architecture + Interiors. The principle design tenant was openness, the aim was to furnish collaboration and coworking. As with all open workspaces, it was important not to stifle collaboration, but at the same time balance this against the need for quiet work areas that allow private contemplation.

The farmhouse table was created to be a multi-purpose workstation, with its inspiration coming from large French farmhouse tables. Employees would have enough room to have their own designated workspace, but at the time time there would be no hinderance to inter-employee interaction.

 In a cubicle-oriented workspace, employees are often cramped in close quarters, with their personal space dictated by wall partitions. In this open workspace, personal space is designated by just that: ample room for each person. Through the size of these workstations, we allowed for both personal space and collaboration at the same time.

In keeping with the spirit of openness and collaboration, Software Advice decided to open-source the plans for these tables here under a Creative Commons license, so that you can take the plans to your local craftsman and have them built too.



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