Located in Hamburg, one of the most dynamic business regions in Europe, ABS Centre offers fully fitted flexible solutions for entrepreneurs and growing companies. The centre is strategically located in HafenCity – the largest rebuilding project in Europe, where the old port warehouses are being replaced with offices, hotels and shops and highly modern residential buildings.

Stylish and functional, the contemporary design and set up of ABC Business Center is equipped with everything you might expect in any modern workspace. The venue can accommodate individual professionals to bigger size companies, which can also benefit from diverse office support services.  High-end meeting rooms and conference facilities, comfortable lounge area and personable reception team will create the desired impression in front of your clients.

At ABC Business Center regular networking events is a must to boost collaboration, exchange valuable contacts, and create fun activities for their members. Such is the recent Office Golf event, which involved 8 teams of 5 dedicated golfers. The serous sport efforts were rewarded with cocktail and canapés reception. All proceedings from the event were donated to the Save the Children Charity fund. Great way to mix fun with good cause.

Building exterior Building reception ABC Buerogolf K1024_DSC_1821 K1024_DSC_1833

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