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rb2 develops internet solutions for websites that require tailor made options. They specialise in content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web applications, mobile apps and social media. The company is located in both the Netherlands and China, with the product organisers based in Netherlands and the team in China consisting of about 70 highly trained technical professionals. rb2 wanted to convert an old high school in Netherlands into a creative work environment. The space needed a complete overhaul: all floors, ceilings, inner walls and all installations needed to be flipped in order to enter the current century.

The New Purpose design team devised an appealing floor plan and compliant design, featuring a wide open entrance with two large communal (lunch) tables. Next there is the first, smaller meeting room in white created. At the back, there are the spacious and colourful pantries. The bigger meeting room, seating 10pax, was outfitted in Dutch orange.

rb2-Purmerend-New-Purpose-NL-01-700x466 rb2-Purmerend-New-Purpose-NL-03-700x466 rb2-Purmerend-New-Purpose-NL-05-700x466 rb2-Purmerend-New-Purpose-NL-06-700x466 rb2-Purmerend-New-Purpose-NL-07-700x468 rb2-Purmerend-New-Purpose-NL-11-700x466

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