House of Business, Norway

eOffice eNetwork, House of Business, Norway

We are thrilled that our eOffice eNetwork has expanded to 200 locations worldwide making the eNetwrok the second largest network of business centres in the world. What makes us different, is our hand-picked partners with high quality facilities, strategic locations, outstanding customer support and tailored professional services to meet the needs of any startup or growing business.

eOffice eNetwork, BRIDGES Central Tower, Hong Kong

eOffice eNetwork, BRIDGES Central Tower, Hong Kong

Present in 6 continents, 58 countries and 108 cities the eNetwork covers all major business regions, offering in total 25,000 desks and 1000 meeting rooms worldwide. In response to the globalized needs of business today we will keep the momentum of steady expansion, increasing our presence and adding more prestigious business centres to the eOffice eNetwork.

eOffice eNetwork, Landmark Africa

eOffice eNetwork, Landmark Africa

From virtual office in Kampala, Uganda, or a meeting room in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to office space in central Paris, France – you name it. The eNetwork ensures your business requirements are covered in any major city allowing you to deliver professional image every time you set foot in one of the eNetwork centres. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup, or small to medium size enterprise, you can find a flexible solution to any service that will match your company’s needs.

eOffice eNetwork, Executive Centre, China

eOffice eNetwork, Executive Centre, China

We are pleased to partner with such wonderful business centres around the world, making possible the success of the eNetwork. We love to share valuable expertise and knowledge amongst each other and the annual eOffice eNetwork Conference was the perfect example for that. Partners flew in to London from all parts of the world for the two-day line of events, with great set up of key speakers and state-of-the-art venues in major locations around London.

RIBA - photo 2

We are glad our partners found the conference a valuable experience and see the great benefits of being part of the eOffice eNetwork. Here is what some of our partners had to share about their experience:

British Library - eNet Conference 2014 06-19

Carlos Gonçalves  – Avila Business Center and Avila Coworking

The Conference organized by the eOffice was definitely a great experience, both from the networking point of view and the learning of good practices. With this initiative, the eOffice showed once again that it is at the global vanguard in the Work Spaces industry and that the future passes though the reinforcement of the networking spirit. Congratulations for the outstanding work.

The Magazine - eNet Conference 2014 06-102(1)

Paris Andreou FCCA – Bluelink 

It was an extremely valuable conference in which we all had the chance to meet each other in person and most importantly to have the chance to exchange ideas and opportunities and trends in the office space industry. Such events help all of us to have a wider picture of the changing needs and trends of today’s business people and corporate entities and finding the best solutions in satisfying their needs. It was really a great experience. Thanks to all for the excellent organisation of this event.

British Library - eNet Conference 2014 06-11

Paul Onwuanibe – Landmark Offices

It was a pleasure to participate in the conference. I enjoyed thenetworking opportunities. Made great new contacts in the global business centre community, listened to some refreshing new ideas and learnt some of the more cutting edge design options for shared space. Now I really look forward ti next years conference.

The Magazine - eNet Conference 2014 06-125(1)

Göran Garberg – United Spaces Network Offices AB

Very well organized, with lots of inspiration. Great speakers with most relevant information! Obvious we are in the front of a huge emerging market! Met many new friends and several new business relations. Looking forward networking over the years and see you next year.

Thank you for the kind words and see you all at the eOffice eNetwork Conference 2015.

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