Le Laptop, Paris France

Created from freelancers for freelancers, Le Laptop, partner of the eOffice eNetwork, is a dynamic coworking space located in the trendy Jourdain quarter of North-East Paris, France. The buzzing area is known for its lively cluster of cafes, restaurants, shops and the very famous boulangeries with aroma of freshly baked croissants.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

The philosophy behind Laptop office space is to encourage collaboration and build a participative community of like-minded entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and small companies. The interesting mix of members with a variety of professional backgrounds offers multiple business connections and opportunities for the longer term. Being a freelancer herself, Pauline Thomas, the founder of Le Laptop, has created the space in order to offer an alternative to the isolation of working from home for every self-employed that has turned their idea into business.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

The workplace is also offering additional services in support of the different needs of every company. You can benefit from stylish meeting facilities, fully- equipped kitchen, comfy lounge area for relaxation or for those valuable impromptu meetings that spark new ideas and solutions. The uniquely designed workplace is also accessible 24/7 and can be used just for hotdesking for the amount of hours you need per month.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

The networking calendar of Le Laptop is also busy. Workshops, events and different kind of exhibits and training courses are regularly organized in the office space for the community members of Le Laptop.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

Le Laptop also partners with the University of Marne-La-Vallee, offering support to young talents and the new generation of designers and web professionals. Next to follow are the schools of art and communications.

Le Laptop, Paris, France

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