Google has announced they are pulling their innovative Google Glass product from the market as of this week, meaning no software updates will be further available.


Google Glass launched April 2012 and since then the futuristic device has received mixed feedback, failing to become a consumer hit. Spokesperson of Google insist the device is taken off the market as the product is still in development and a new version of the Google Glass is highly likely to be released in the very near future.


The team behind the Explorer program states that the main purpose of the device was to collect data how people use its technology. After thorough analysis of the feedback Google decided to close the programme and focus on the future, improved version of the Glass.

On the other hand, opinion makes can not stop but wonder if pulling Google Glass from the market was due to its failure in becoming mainstream product.


Google Glass featured an optical head-mounted display, showing information in a hands-free, smartphone-like format.   It also included a touchpad, located on the side, enabling to control the device – sliding forward would show past events such as phone calls and photos, while sliding backwards will display current events as well as the weather. The device also includes a camera, allowing instants photo and video recording.


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