UP by Jawbone is the trendiest new gadget, which you can spot on the wrists of the health cautious amongst us. The bracelet-like gadget is equipped with advanced sensors, which capture everything from your daily movement activities, to your sleep cycle and more.


The bracelet is synchronized with the monitoring UP App, providing visual charts of your daily movement, eating and sleeping. As soon as you create your account with the necessary information the app will accustom an individual scheme according to your height, weight and age and to your personal goals. Stylish and trendy, UP is the optimal path to fitness, pushing you to reach your set milestones.


Depending on your well-being needs, the bracelet will remind you with a delicate vibration in pre-set time intervals to stand up and move around.   This also complies with the anti-sitting agenda of medical researchers continuously stressing the negative effects of sitting down for long hours in the office.


To track your calories intake and have a detailed break down of its different components like carbohydrates and saturated fats, you can simply input your meal and the app will do it for you. UP comes with preinstalled information of vast range of dishes and types of foods so you can easily indicate and monitor your daily eating routine.


The eOffice team loves this new gadget. It truly helps us to track and see how healthy is our routine and what we need to do to reach our well-being goals. Isn’t that everyone’s New Year’s resolution?




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