Rapidly expanding to over 100 cities worldwide in 45 countries, Uber is definitely gaining momentum with its successful ride-sharing app. As a partner of eOffice we are glad to see Uber taking over the world, one city at a time. And their sophisticated headquarters certainly evokes the speedy progress of this startup.


Uber’s brand new 90,000 square feet office, in a former Bank of America data centre, showcases the company’s culture and ethos. Stylish, sophisticated and high-tech, the interior design transmits the company’s image, as director of design Denise Cherry confirms:

The band is sexy and mysterious on the outside, but totally transparent on the inside.


This concept is solidified with the strategic use of materials and constructions.   The high-tech interior of the space is equipped with touch screen walls, interactive panels and digital maps displaying all locations with Uber presence.


The vision of the brand and its values are infused in every corner of the space, creating an inspirational work environment and certainly an impressive venue for welcoming clients and partners. With over 700 employees the unique facilities offer a glamorous open plan space with plenty of meeting and conference rooms as well as lounge spaces for impromptu meetings.


Prior the final design plan, employees were interviewed regarding their needs and preferences in terms of work. The majority pointed out that they loved to work in a coffee bar so the design company O+A took on board their request and facilitated a stylish coffee bar area. All in tune with today’s flexible and diverse patterns of work.




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