The modern, high-quality facilities and coworking space of our partner in Chicago – Workspring, promotes wellbeing and helps small to medium size companies accomplish their business goals and get on with their work. The space is designed to offer ultimate comfort and flexibility, from attentive staff to all-inclusive amenities, which makes Workspring the perfect venue for meetings, business events and coworking.


Tailored to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small to medium size businesses, Workspring offers open plan office solutions on an hourly or full time basis in compliance with today’s mobile worker. Workspring’s design-led workplace is equipped with user-friendly technology and personal touches to specifically cater for the individual ways of work. In their own words:

When it comes to turning insights into human-centered design, ours is a process that never ends.


This statement fully supports the company’s culture to always evolve and look for the new trends and requirements within the coworking sector. Their strong believe that work should be rewarding, fulfilling and ultimately offer a deeper sense of wellbeing is the main reason that drives the company’s innovative spirit and strive to sustain a healthy and satisfied coworking community.


With fully equipped meeting and conference rooms Workspring offers flexible solutions to companies who are looking for temporary work space in Chicago. The modern space is aimed to accommodate businesses experiencing growth or downsize, offering solutions to adapt to the individual work and environment needs.


A calendar of networking events and workshops presents invaluable collaboration opportunities as well as meeting like-minded professionals to further develop business relations and exchange of ideas and knowledge.




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