What an exciting first round of pitching! eOffice Holborn was the pitching venue of AngelsCube first of series of screening rounds with preselected startups looking for the next stage in their business growth and expansion.

AngelsCube is an innovative investment platform focused on early stage-technology companies. AngelsCube is positioned at the intersection of angel investing, crowd funding and venture capital, making the most of these different investment models. Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder eOffice, is a founder member of AngelsCube and is part of the screening committee, which would determine the four companies which go to the next level.

Lets have a glance at some of the exciting prospects who pitched at the first week of AngelsCube’s screening:


Asteria Cleaners

Asteria Cleaners CEO Anna Bondarenko

Anna Bondarenko, CEO Asteria Cleaners

Asteria Cleaners is an on-demand service providing a delivery dry-cleaning and laundry services for busy Londoners. Through their website and mobile application customers are able to seamlessly use and pay for a garment care service seved days a week from early in the morning until late in the evening



Rowen Pillay, COO EdgeFolio with Helene Guillaume from AngelsCube Screening Committee

Rowen Pillay, COO EdgeFolio with Helene Guillaume from AngelsCube Screening Committee

EdgeFolio is an innovative platform connecting allocators and Hedge Funds. The platform provide a mechanism for Hedge Funds to scalably & compliantly raise capital. Documents are tracked and monitored to gauge prospect engagement. They will receive in-bound leads, and be able to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their outreach.


Range Moi

Cedric Naintré, Business Development & Paris Ops, Range Moi

Cedric Naintré, Business Development & Paris Ops, Range Moi

Currently operational only in France, Range Moi is w=expanding into the UK allowing clients to store items outside their home without leaving home. Customers need to simply order the size of box they would need and Range Moi will pick up the boxesand bring them back anytime the client requires within the next 48h.


Ma Ville

Thomas Anselmino, Founder Ma Ville

Thomas Anselmino, Founder Ma Ville

Ma Ville is an app for curates art, theatre and cultural events in London. On the app you can find anything from art and music education classes to art sales and marketplaces, live streaming of concerts and operas as well as tailored cultural news. Once it takes over London, a worldwide expansion is in the way.



Jenny Tsai, Founder Wearisma

Jenny Tsai, Founder Wearisma

Wearisma is a mobile blogging and shopping platform that enables a community of influencers and shoppers to share their looks across social networks, tagged with fashion and beauty purchases. The benefits of the platform is building personal brands, gain exposure in return for audience, free samples, as well as campaign opportunities. For shoppers the platform will offer browsing inspiration and as the option to “shop the look”.


Two Sigmas

Michael Birdsall, Founder & CEO Two Sigmas

Michael Birdsall, Founder & CEO Two Sigmas

Two Sigmas is an online tutoring platform connecting professional academics and tutors with students. For the moment the business biggest market is China with a large demand of Chinese students for English language teachers. Two Sigmas matches these students with UK tutors for online English classes. Their other focus is a range of online classes at secondary and university level aimed at students from Pakistan.

We are excited to welcome the second round of aspiring startup companies preselected from AngelsCube next week.


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  1. Alexandre Covello March 20, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    Thank you very much to all at eOffice for hosting us and making this first screening session a success. We look forward to the next ones!

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