With yet another week of pitching to AngelsCube screening committee at eOffice Holborn, we can’t help but get more and more impressed with the level of innovation, perseverance and ambition we see in every entrepreneur. The diversity and uniqueness of ideas as well as the proficiency of their execution is of the highest level, reminding us of earlier quote by Adam Fletcher:

Having a website or an app does not make you a startup, owning a leather jacket does not make you Batman

And certainly these startups live up to the highest of expectations. Here are some of the the interesting ideas presented to AngelsCube Screening Committee:

Traces – Beau Lotto

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.43.44

Neuroscientist Dr Beau Lotto presented his immersive messaging app Traces, which lets people leave messages for each other in real-world locations.

Using augmented reality and GPS as well as peer-to-peer messaging, the app enables users to leave ‘traces’ in any location and spot of their choice. They can leave any type of content- from pictures to videos and music – all in the real world for friends to discover.

The idea behind the app was inspired by Lotto’s research as a neuroscientist into human perception and the conclusion that people appreciate a gift way more when they have to work harder for it.   The digital age has on some level converted us to passive recipients, which Traces is trying to challenge, bring back a different, more real level of engagement with audiences in location specific ways.

eRevalue- Marbella Alma and J P Lecourt

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.44.00

eRevalue is a startup making data digestible, distilling essential knowledge for effective corporate decision making. Their mission is to enable companies in creating sustainable value by integrating competitive, regulatory and societal risks and opportunities into core business strategy.

They operate with Datamaran, which is a business intelligence system that spots new forms of regulatory and reputational risk. This is provided as SaaS to corporate users and consultancy firms.

ET Index – Sam Gill and Sabastian Hoeg

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.44.14

ET Index provides a service helping companies understand, manage and reduce carbon risk. They provide full carbon footprint analysis, mapping the company’s exposure to carbon emission and model carbon risk across different geographies and scenarios. They have currently ranked 2500 companies across 7 indexes and predict that there are roughly 15 years before we blow out all time carbon budget. ET Index is a valuable service that will help companies track and understand better their footprint for greener operations and more sustainable workplace.

Stay tuned for the next round of inspiring entrepreneurs. If you have an executive summary and investor deck please contact us on




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