With the emergence of the modern capitalist economy, people adopted the standard of stable employment with preference towards large and prosperous companies. The workday started and ended in the office, within the set time, and your specific role. Nowadays, we are experiencing a shift towards a more flexible, mobile and definitely more diverse way of working, allowing people to unleash their entrepreneurial drive and be less tied to a specific space, employer and old work rules.

Work can happen everywhere

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Technology has been a great enabler, allowing people to have access and do work from any spot in the world. A growing number of companies are adopting the “work from home” policy as a standard and companies like WordPress have become 100% remote, having its employees scattered in coworking spaces around the world. With the number of shared office environments, like eOffice, exponentially growing over the past years, reaching almost 6000 at the end of 2014, employees and entrepreneurs are presented with a vast choice of workplace options in a range of locations and design. The traditional morning and evening rush hours are also shifting, according to reports of the New York City’s subway system, further implying the changing way of how and where people work.

Work is no longer 9-5


For good or for bad, the 9-5 working hours are slowly diminishing. When was the last time you did not have a glimpse of your emails over the weekend? According to the American Time Survey, the same applies to 44% of employees who admit working during vacations. Full-time connectivity and access to data has changed our perception of the working hours, allowing people to work during their commute, during events, late at night, even on holidays, making it the acceptable norm.

Work and Life are progressively merging


Work and life is no longer two distinctive spheres of your being. The notion of balancing work and life is slowly becoming a dated phrase with a meaning that will soon expire. Access to advanced technology, opportunities and knowledge finds people in constant search of new income streams. Professional networking is the new socializing, renting your home on Airbnb makes you a part-time landlord, having a personal blog, sharing your latest finds in fashion, travel or simply the best new restaurant find could also benefit you with a few extra buck from adds. The entrepreneurial spirit has been awoken, allowing people to sell services or products in addition to their full-time work.

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