The creative environment and professional services of our eNetwork coworking partner BightLane in Toronto, Canada, is built on the pillars of connection, collaboration and innovation.   The space and services are designed with the single purpose to improve and grow the business of their expanding community of entrepreneurs and startups.


As a hub for young companies, BrighLane shares the philosophy that offering high-quality, inspiring environment that stimulates interactions and collaboration is the essence of entrepreneurial success. In their own words:

Starting a business means putting everything on the line. It is a lonely road with many surprises. Taking this journey with others, some a little ahead and those who may have stumbled, is the best path of giving your enterprise every chance for success


BrightLane has a strong focus on their community, which are not treated as clients, but rather as members, who share similar goals and strive for success. The layout of the beautifully decorated centre is strategically designed to increase the possibility of chance encounters. Whether in the community kitchen, in the terrace, or in one of BrightLane’s tailored networking events, members have the chance to socialize and engage in prompt conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs and startups.


Founded by the late Raymond Chang, BrightLane embraces his principal values and legacy in lifelong learning. Recognized for his outstanding business leadership and philanthropy initiatives, Mr Chang’s support and significant investment of personal resources have advanced education and healthcare as well as fostered entrepreneurship. His life-long focus on developing and helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations is reflected in his quote that fully encapsulates his belief:

It’s people that make any successful enterprise.


In addition to the inspiring work environment, BrightLane also offers a range of customer-centric services and perks in support of their community’s smooth path to success. From brightly lit workspaces, rooftop terrace with BBQ, 11 meeting rooms, wellness room to a range of business workshops and networking events, not to forget craft beer, this all-inclusive package is offered on very flexible terms for the convenience of the startup companies. This coworking space also partners with a range of local and international organizations, which offer exclusive deals and discount on their valuable, high-quality services.





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