This week brought together yet another inspirational selection of startups, pitching in front of AngelsCube’s screening committee at eOffice. The interesting range of concepts and diverse ideas brought a lot of comprehensive market awareness on the table, with extensive industry research. These exciting entrepreneurs are all aiming to solve a problem and provide consumers and users with a re-invented way of using services and data.


Viktoria Naumenko, Head of Marketing and PR & Iglika Ghouse, Founder and CEO USPAAH

Viktoria Naumenko, Head of Marketing and PR & Iglika Ghouse, Founder and CEO, USPAAH

USPAAH is your personal spa concierge – a high end, on demand, mobile spa service. Created for busy professionals with hectic lifestyles who live or work in Central London, USPAAH offers a range of experienced professionals, whom you can request at a convenient time and place for you. With just a few taps on your mobile device your selected professional will be with you in under an hour. Fancy a 30-minute relaxing massage or perhaps a last minute manicure? Go to for a high quality experience.


Julian Belvedere, Co-founder PandaPay

Julian Belvedere, Co-founder PandaPay

PandaPay is a fully integrated payment app, which allows you to pay for your meal in restaurants without the hassle of waiting for the bill. Currently working with over 20 restaurants, the simple process requires you to enter your table number, tap on what you had and split what you have shared and simply pay with your preferred method, stored into your account. Reflecting on the needs of the modern, mobile consumer, the PayPanda application has been already awarded Winner in Lean Startup London as well as a finalist in MOBIT. Check it out



Ekaterina Klink, Founder Lini

Ekaterina Klink, Founder Lini

Lini is a tool, which allows you to perform batch operations on your LinkedIn contacts list. With many new and improved features on the way, Lini collects your connections from LinkedIn and allows you to apply various filters to them, in order to create customized segments. You can filter your contacts in accordance to position, industry and location, giving you a tailored pool of contacts, which you can export and send messages to all of them at once. Have a look at this useful tool


Astar Pets

Chris Webster, CEO & Co-founder AstarPets

Chris Webster, CEO & Co-founder AstarPets

Astar Pets is an online directory where you can find everything and anything about your bellowed furry friend. From food, gifts, to stylish dogs and cats accessories, clothes, and services, this luxury online market place offers everyday essentials in a convenient, easy to shop experience. Astar Pets also has a magazine section managed by an experienced editorial team, offering valuable information on the finest expert health, wellbeing, and travel advice for your pet as well as the latest on animal fashion trends. The online shop offers a diversity of brands as well as great selection of services from people and businesses in your area. Simply go to and get inspired with ideas for your furry friends.

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