Designed by the innovative architecture company 3XN, the new academic building of the Orestad College in Copenhagen is not your average educational space. With brightly coloured panels on the exterior, the contemporary building comprises functionality and innovative approach to the design of their interior and communal space.


Once you set foot inside the Orestad College you are instantly impressed by the dynamic, state-of-the-art architecture of the space. Following the new design vision that open plan, collaborative environments improve interaction, synergy and communication, the space is comprised by different in style and size communal areas with no solid walls or boarders.  The ease of interaction was a vital ingredient in the planning of the space’s layout, putting an emphasis on the natural study process of students.

Orestad Gymnasium, Kobenhavn, DK - 3XNwww.3xn.dk

The open-plan space with numerous meeting spots benefits from comfortable soft furnishings and beanbags, which adapt to the body’s shape. This allows students to have a more informal studying surrounding stimulating team work and engagement. The tall central atrium has four study zones, which are each on a separate floor and are interconnected vertically and horizontally achieving the dynamic look of the space. The comprehensive IT infrastructure is one of the main tools that enhance the study process of the college students.

Orestad Gymnasium, Kobenhavn, DK - 3XN www.3xn.dk


Picture source: www.dezeen.com

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