The interactive and utterly innovative office design of Viola Communication’s new headquarters is considered the first conceptual workplace in the media-free zone of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The traditional office set up and layout of corridors, enclosed meeting rooms and workstations is substituted with a fluid and quite informal space arrangement, where employees are encouraged to interact and collaborate.


For the architects of this innovative office design, M+N Architecture, creating and reinforcing the relationships between users was one the top priority since the first blue prints of the layout. Comprising of both open and enclosed offices, the space unites the 5 different business units of the company, connecting them with a large reception and recreational area, where all 120 employees can minge and engage in prompt conversations. The office also incorporates ample events’ space for corporate gatherings, and two video editing and voice recording studios.


The atmosphere of the space, the colours, all through the materials used in the interior design reflect Viola Communication’s company culture and philosophy. The workspace acts as a direct inspiration for the team’s creative portfolio of work and performs as a motivating platform as soon as you set your foot through the door. The main objective, briefed to the design company was to provide a flexible office space, which would drastically increase interaction amongst employees. This is why the operative area of this office space allows all 120 employees to work in the same area, but still maintain separation between the different departments, working mainly on Advertising, Public relations and Events.


The workspace has also two very defined and different sectons – one for the management and the other for the operational staff, which is clearly reflected in the style and materials used. The managerial area is sleek and modern, designed in marble and oak, creating an ambiance in natural colours. The operations area is a rainbow of bright hues with a funky and vibrant décor, where staff can interact and exchange ideas, successfully achieving a boost in creativity and productivity.





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