Berlin, the city that is a considered a startup itself, has benefited from a growing focus on its tech startup ecosystem and its continuous growth. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are attracted to the capital’s still relatively low cost of living, easy visa application process and the city’s hip image. Growing number of startups launch and establish their presence in Berlin, and here is why:


1. Growing tech startup scene


Berlin has been long on the horizon as an established startup metropolis attracting opportunity-seeking venture capitalists and thriving tech entrepreneurs. Some on the notable Berlin startups, such as Soundcloud, have set the grounds for this exciting movement, boasting numerous coworking hubs, accelerators, incubators, events and organizations motivated to change the status quo. With its diverse culture and turbulent history the city is seen as a startup itself attracting a range of tech startups – from financial, insurance, green tech to social and ecommerce. The array of influences that the capital has to offer presents ambitious people with a pool of opportunities to develop their idea into reality.


2. Access to funding


In a recent report Berlin was ranked second, only behind London, in the number of funding and venture-capital deals and transactions.   The public has also been very active towards different crowdfunding opportunities, supporting entrepreneurs with an initial capital on their path to growth. Currently Berlin has been an attractive spot for international investors, setting up offices in the city and actively searching for the next big tech idea. Influx of money from Asia and the Arab world also makes Berlin a favourable hub for growing companies seeking for larger investment in Series A and beyond.


3. Shrinking the gender gap

The gender gap between female and male, especially within the tech startup world has always been drastic, with very few women taking upon the tough road of setting up your own company.   In the Silicon Valley the percentage of women in tech is only 10% due to women’s general preference to work in a startup rather than set up on. In 2012, according to Telefonica’s Startup Genome report women entrepreneurs in Berlin accounted for only 3%, but that number has since grown to 13% creating buzz and attention towards the female players within the startup ecosystem. With growing number of women-focused networking groups, organizations, tailored support meetups and the increasing number of success stories, the mindset is slowly changing, allowing women to feel more welcome, brave and supported in setting up their own business.




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