Caporn Young, one of the leading real estate agencies in Perth has recently treated their employees and clients with a brand new office, reflective of the company culture and values. The brief to the architect company responsible for the redesign was to create an inspiring workplace atmosphere, where the young, fun nature of the company can thrive and grow.


Payne Design, the appointed architect company for the overall design, was assigned to repurpose an excising warehouse and create an exciting office space, which would also carry the characteristics of Fremantle – a major Australian Port City in western Australia. In their own words:

“Caporn Young is a progressive company who are doing things differently, that tends to be a pattern that we see will all our clients and it is refreshing.”


The open plan warehouse space underwent a complete transformation, adopting the look and functionality of an office, but still preserving some of its original, signature features. Industrial elements like exposed pipes, dark colours, concrete flooring and metal furnishing collectively create the urban, trendy feel of the space. The office is filled with unique, creative touches like oversized drawings on the brick wall, designer ceiling lights and stylish lounge area with elegant, minimalistic fireplace.


The fully open plan set up of the office reflects the identity of Caporn Young for complete transparency, stimulating communication and interaction between employees from different departments. One of the meeting areas is symbolically contoured only with floor to ceiling stretched ropes that could be covered with curtains if more privacy is required. A truly impressive workplace environment.




Picture refernce: @ Dion Robeson via ArchDaily

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