What makes our community at eOffice so vibrant is the diverse sets of companies sharing the open plan space and the on-going collaboration and support between them. We love to showcase the interesting practises and backgrounds of each one of our members and understand a little bit more about their professional drive and passions.

Based in our eOffice Holborn coworking space, Jin joined us a few months ago. Today we sit with Eliott Maidenberg, Managing Director, Jin UK, to find out a little more about Jin and how they started.


eOffice: What does Jin do?

Eliott: We create digital strategies for brands & agencies, helping clients make sense of complex online ecosystems and deliver high impact campaigns.  Jin offers a hybrid service, combining best-in-class digital PR consultancy & skills, supported by our advanced social CRM technology – Plugr & Newsboard.  Alongside digital PR, we integrate inbound marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, branded content, design, website & app development.
Jin has offices in Paris ( and London (

eOffice: How was the idea of your startup born? 

Eliott: Jin was founded by three experts in PR, SEO, and development of web technology. The goal was to be able to fulfill any of our clients’ wishes in terms of digital communications. That’s where the name of the company comes from: Jin is the short version of “Jinn”, the genie that you can find in Arabian mythology.


eOffice: What is your professional background?

Eliott: Having worked both in web agencies and media, I have experience in several fields of digital communications: web project management, social media management, content creation, digital PR. Thanks to this multi-faceted experience, I am comfortable offering advice on what is possible to do online, in a way that is tailored for each client’s need.


eOffice: How has eOffice supported your needs as a growing company? 

Eliott: eOffice is well located and offers a wonderful work environment. The premises are perfect to accommodate clients and prospects. Often times our clients prefer to come here!


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