Dynamic and culturally rich, Madrid is slowly emerging on the startup horizon with confident entrepreneurial activities and noticeable support and attention towards new ideas, startups and creative initiatives. And our high-quality cowoking partner in Madrid reflects exactly this trend and the emerging wave of a new type of business thinking and needs.

We are sitting down with Francisco Camara, Founder, Freeland Studio, who took us on a journey from the very birth of his coworking space to their current initiatives, vision for the future and dedication and support to their community.


eOffice: How did you decide to set up Freeland Studio?

Francisco: Freeland started as an initiative to gather around creative people and designers, like-minded people, to share resources and to develop new opportunities through collaboration and communication. Our aim is to constantly nurture creativity and change towards a positive culture. The top of our objectives was to drive a strong sense of community, building confidence and provide high-quality services. Offering exceptional customer service and at the same time providing business solutions, networking and inspiring work environment was a difficult challenge to achieve, but a great goal to pursue. This way we started to build a great community of inspiring startups, entrepreneurs and growing companies. We are providing more and more services every day, living on the ideology that sets the grounds of Freeland – high quality service, engagement, economical prices and constant delivery of real value.


eOffice: How many and what type of members do you cater to?

Francisco: We are looking for people who are committed to their project and willing to improve, learn, connect and give back at least as much as they are getting from others. Although the majority of the companies residing with us are with a digital background, we are open to host any kind of businesses or projects. Time has proven that choosing the right kind of people is the best way to build a thriving and dynamic community.


eOffice: How do you support your members?

Francisco: We are great at hosting, to host is definitely an art. Providing the right, tailored solutions is the result of focused observation and dedication, offering anything our members might need.

Networking and coworking comes through confidence and confidence is built on trust between the members. We first focus on providing exceptional working conditions and we add value by offering collaboratiom, networking events, business opportunities, access to funding, events and an international ecosystem for growth.


eOffice: How is the startup ecosystem in Madrid?

Francisco: The startup ecosystem in Madrid is becoming bigger and bigger every day, with more players taking part in this new scenario, which is growing, leading a new way to build opportunities.
Our country comes from a very different culture where entrepreneurship is not socially rewarded, social subsidy has created a dependent culture that makes it difficult to take risks in business. Over the past years we can see the continual change in people’s perception and business mindset, allowing the steady but sure growth of the startup ecosystem in Spain as a whole.







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