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Living and working in paradise! We are now thrilled to have presence in the idyllic island of Bali, with our high quality eNetwork partner – Marquee Alamanda Bali. This is their 10th centre and the first one out of Jakarta, Indonesia where they are a leader in providing exceptional office solutions to small and growing companies. With their first centre in Bali they respond to a growing community of digital nomads, who seek working from the exotic shores of the island and benefit from its affordable prices and great lifestyle.

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Fed up with the 9-5 working hours a lot of professionals pack their macs and surrender to the attractive trend to work remotely – in Bali. The beautiful island has quickly become a popular hub for freelancers who are tired of the chaotic and usually expensive city life and look to combine work and pleasure in the best way possible. The changing nature of work and its heavy dependence on mobile technologies has opened the door to people willing to explore the perks of being a digital nomad. And where better than the captivating island of Bali.

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Despite being located in the beautiful and buzzing north side of the island, close to the lively Kuta and the capital Denpasar, Our eNetwork partner Marquee Alamanda Bali offers all the services and solutions of a professional business centre while offering typical Balinese interior with natural wood furniture, subtle, earthy colours and lots of greenery, which create an organic feel to the surrounding. The furniture are made of recycled wood, and the decoration involves only natural materials giving the centre a truly island feel, without compromising on the professional look.

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From representative welcoming and break-out area, to fully furnished offices, meeting rooms, high speed internet, multi-access IT and telephone ports as well as free flow of delicious refreshments, Alamanda Bali is the perfect spot for local and oversees entrepreneurs and SMEs, to get along with their work, while enjoying the close proximity to beautiful beaches.




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