Yandex, the multi-branched technological company with offices around the world, just got a brand new, impressive headquarters in Moscow, Russia. After a contest with a number of studios, which were invited to create the concept of the design and feel of Yandex’s HQ, the winning proposal was delivered by Atrium Architects.


Atrium’s design idea revolved around the company’s values and requirements in offering their employees a creative work environment, infused with comfort and dynamic layout.   Atrium’s aim was to create an artistic, yet functional workplace design to encourage and stimulate interaction, communication and impromptu brainstorming session with employees from different teams.


Spread over 28000 sq.m. Yandex’s headquarters comprise bright colours, organic forms and shapes and high quality office equipment. As a technological brand, the company wanted to reveal the fun, more playful side of the business by creating many diverse in size, and look meeting rooms and conference facilities. The signature trait of the office is the egg-like shapes, which appear on the windows, ceiling, wall décor even in the wall shape itself.


The space also features a lot of break out area with comfortable lounging furniture to offer less formal area for meetings. The workplace also features high backrest sofas, which are sound isolating so employees can have a private contestation or meeting if needed. The entire design of the space offers a labyrinth of colours, exciting shapes and unique rooms, which inspires employees and adds to their work satisfaction.




Picture Source ArchiDaily

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